Item Roundup: Episodes 15-16

Realizing that Da-in is alive, Gon thinks back to Hak-jae telling him about the Room of Wishes, wondering if it holds the key to finding Da-in. Deputy Prosecutor Lee stops by at the funeral house. On his way out, he goes to use the washroom, and we see that Detective Seo aka Priest Ko is already in there. Seo goes inside a cubicle, returns as Priest Ko, and reciting his infamous Bible verse, kills Prosecutor Lee.

Item Roundup Episode 15-16 - Father Ko wields his laser whip

Sensing something awry, Gon goes to check on Lee in the washroom and finds his dead body. He sets out in pursuit of the killer and finds a cloaked Ko on the terrace of the building. Gon asks Priest Ko why he’s killing the innocent, to which Ko says the ones he’s killing are not innocent. He tells Gon that Kim Tae-goo was not the murderer in the fire incident, and escapes. Yu-na gets a call about Lee’s death and leaves Se-hwang’s place. We see Se-hwang looking at a photo of Priest Ko killing Lee, remembering how he had met the guy after the fire incident several years ago.

So-young receives the autopsy results of the witness who died, which show that she had sustained damage to the same parts of her brain as Yoo Chul-joo had. So-young says the woman looked like she wasn’t in control of her will, and notes that Gon told her the same thing about Yoo. This is called the Alien Hand Syndrome, and has been found in several people over the past few years. So-young realizes that the only time there was a break in similar cases was for the six months that Se-hwang had been in prison.

In what looks like the Room of Wishes, a happy-looking clown visits Da-in to give her candy. The man looks like Se-hwang’s father in a clown’s outfit, like his photo in the album. The clown becomes dangerous when Da-in refuses the candy and runs away, telling her there’s nowhere to hide in here. Chief Shin, So-young and Gon discuss the serial murders and Da-in but stop when they hear a noise and realize someone is eavesdropping. While looking for the eavesdropper, Chief Shin collapses in pain again.

So-young goes to see Hak-jae again, and this time, in return for more information, he asks for his freedom. Later, he convinces his cellmate to punch him, and while at the doctor’s for first aid, he manages to steal a knife. Back at the hospital, the police are trying to trick the reporters gathered outside by having two similar vehicles leave at the same time. Commissioner General Baek, one of the men involved with his now-dead associates, visits Se-hwang and asks for protection from the serial killer.

Da-in’s cremation takes place in the presence of Gon, So-young, Chief Shin and the police team. Gon escapes to the loo immediately after, and the crematorium staff tells Yu-na that Da-in’s body was not in the coffin. Gon uses the bracelet to escape in a car but gets into an accident with a truck. It’s Se-hwang who has hit him, and he takes back his bracelet from Gon, remarking that he’s changed his mind about making Gon retrieve the items and leaves Gon bleeding on the scene.


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