Item Roundup: Episodes 13-14

As Gon mourns Da-in, So-young asks Prosecutor Han and the police to give him time to grieve. Gon finds the torn album photo of Da-in, and tries to reattach the pieces to no avail. Deputy Prosecutor Lee visits the hospital and after getting the details on the shooting incident, asks Prosecutor Han to arrest Gon after Da-in’s funeral.

Item Roundup - Episode 13-14 - Se-hwang uses the purple mist over Hak-jae

Se-hwang goes to meet Bang Hak-jae, and we find out that the information Hak-jae had leaked to Gon and So-young had been on Se-hwang’s orders. Se-hwang uses the fatal purple mist on Hak-jae while whispering something in his ear. Team Leader Choi leaks info about Gon’s case to the press, despite Deputy Prosecutor Lee forbidding it. Se-hwang’s polaroid camera prints a picture of So-young talking to someone in a dark alley.

Emerging out of grief right into anger, Gon tries to go after Se-hwang but is stopped by So-young and Chief Shin. He tells So-young that Yoo Chul-joo killed himself, and connecting the dots between the traffic constable and Yoo’s suicidal behavior, asks Chief Shin to analyze the cases together. So-young goes back to the scene of Yoo’s death to look for clues, with Prosecutor Han’s men tailing her. She finds a terrified homeless woman on the scene who looks like she could be a witness. The men follow So-young, but she manages to get them off her back and bring the witness to a safe place.

Gon turns up at the church, wondering whether Da-in’s death is punishment for the murder his father had committed. He breaks down and asks to be given death in place of Da-in. The scene cuts to Priest Ko in the same church, kneeling before Christ. He announces his plans to continue on the path he is on, and as he puts a ring on, we see him change into Detective Seo.

Chief Shin finds that the CCTV footage from the day of the traffic constable’s accident has been wiped off. While staring at Da-in’s album photo, Gon notices that the photograph seems to be fading with time. So-young notes that it could be a sort of timer to rescue Da-in. Prosecutor Han goes over to Se-hwang’s house for dinner, and we learn that she was the one who got rid of the camera footage. She has been helping Se-hwang because he saved her life once.

So-young finds it odd that Prosecutor Han knew about a possible witness before she told her, and figures that she is trying to get rid of the evidence in Gon’s favor. The eye witness recounts the truth about what had transpired between Gon and Yoo Chul-joo, but before So-young can take her to the police station, Han’s men try to kidnap the witness, but she manages to escape. While So-young looks for her, Se-hwang finds the woman and uses the purple mist on her. Se-hwang then calls So-young with information about the witness, but before So-young can get to the woman, she runs right across the busy road and gets hit by a car.

Da-in is alive, trapped in a mysterious place in some other dimension. She tries to call Gon’s name and finds that she is able to speak. Gon hears her shout and runs out, disappointed when he realizes he must have been mistaken. At that moment, Da-in’s melodeon begins playing a song by itself, and Gon realizes that Da-in might really be alive somewhere.


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