Item Roundup: Episodes 11-12

Rattled by Dae-soo’s sudden death, Chief Shin finally tells Gon that he knows about the album. He says that it’s used to trap someone’s soul in the form of their photo, and if you tear it off, the person dies. So-young overhears him admitting to using the album on criminals, and flashes back to the day courts declared the perpetrators of the fire accident not guilty. Shin reveals that he soon became horrified by what the album could do and tried to destroy it, to no avail. So-young wonders if, by pasting the ripped pictures back together, the dead can be brought back to life.

Item Roundup Episodes 11-12 Chief Shin telling the truth about the album

Detective Seo questions Gon regarding CEO Lee’s death. So-young visits Bang Hak-jae, but fails to get any information from him. Gon and Chief Shin get their hands on the security footage from the day Da-in got attacked and recognize Se-hwang’s security manager in the car stopped by the traffic policeman. We finally see what happened to the policeman Se-hwang had sprayed the purple mist—he had died after colliding with a truck. They trace the car as a Hwawon group car, and Gon leaves to confront Se-hwang.

Se-hwang is in the middle of an interview with the press, but Gon, undeterred, asks him where the album is and hits him in front of everyone. Gon recognizes Se-hwang’s voice from the call he received after Dae-soo’s death, and calls him a monster. So-young visits the church, and while waiting in Priest Ko Do-young’s office, notices pages missing from his copies of the Bible. When Priest Ko comes back, he too, notices her hastily stowing away the Bible.

Item Roundup Episodes 11-12 Priest Ko knows So-young has seen the Bible

So-young tells Gon he is being secretly investigated, leading him to confront Yu-na. She tells him there are solid reasons to investigate him because all the victims were Se-hwang’s associates who Gon had investigated, in addition to him being present at the crime scenes. Se-hwang’s security manager, Yoo Chul-joo, turns up at So-young’s police station, seemingly to report Gon for destroying his warehouse the other day, but in reality, it is a ploy to get Gon to meet him alone.

As soon as Yoo leaves and Gon follows him, So-young realizes what’s up, and the detectives follow the two men. While all this is going down, Se-hwang arrives at Da-in’s room in the hospital. Yoo leads Gon to an abandoned building, pointing a gun at the latter as soon as he gets there. In a flashback, we see that Se-hwang had used the purple mist on Yoo before ordering him to meet Gon. Suddenly, Yoo’s eyes fog over, and he turns the gun on himself. Gon tries to take the gun from Yoo, but it misfires and the man ends up dead.

Se-hwang video calls Gon, telling him to find the Room of Wishes in order to save Da-in’s life, and rips her photo into two. The detectives reach the scene and surround Gon to arrest him for Yoo’s murder, but So-young helps him escape when he tells her Da-in is in danger. Gon manages to get to the hospital, but it’s too late. He sees Da-in’s lifeless body and breaks down in sobs.


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