Im Si-wan considers playing track and field athlete in new JTBC drama ‘Run On’

Im Si-wan might return with a new drama soon!

On March 26, Im Si-wan’s agency Plum Entertainment confirmed reports that he had received a casting offer from JTBC’s upcoming drama Run On. The actor is still reviewing the script and considering the role.

Run On marks the debut drama of screenwriter Park Min-sook, who worked with Kim Eun-sook as one of the assistant writers of Descendants of the Sun. It will tell the story of a track and field athlete who has lived his life running and never looking back. He meets a translator for foreign films, who has spent her life going back to the same scenes over and over again. The two attract and fall in love, freeing each other from the shackles of their lonely lives.

Im Si-wan

Im Si-wan is considering the role of Ki Sun-kyum, a member of the track and field national team who becomes a sports agent. Sun-kyum belongs to a famous family—his father is an assemblyman, mother a popular actress, and elder sister a professional golfer. He has chosen a career path he was never interested in because he was under pressure to be successful. But things begin to change after he meets someone who helps him break free.

Im Si-wan last played a drama lead role in Strangers From Hell, which marked his comeback to the small screen after he completed his mandatory military service.

Run On will be helmed by Lee Jae-hoon, who directed The Ghost Detective (2018) and Good Manager (2017). It is scheduled to premiere in November, but the production team might push back the first broadcast to December or early next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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