I’m a guy and I watch 13 kdramas a year

Hi, I thought I haven’t properly introduced myself yet so let me do it as I explain how I started to watch Korean dramas and why I still watch them until now. I’ll do it like an interview.

Introduce yourself in one sentence. Please just call me gdhunter, a college dude who procrastinated a lot to binge-watch Korean dramas.

When and how did it all begun? I was browsing a movie streaming site in 2014 to watch something that would ease my boredom. Then I found a kdrama I’ve heard of not so long ago and watched it out of curiosity, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What’s the title of that drama? Can’t say for now, but it’s an action thriller with a bit of romance.

No. of dramas you’ve watched so far? My written record says the total is 40, excluding the ones I dropped. So the average rate is about 13 dramas per year. Does that make me a kdrama addict?

Most favorite? Misaeng.

Why? It’s entertaining and realistic at the same time. I’ve learned a lot.

Other favorites? Signal and Reply 1988.

Why? I can’t forget them even If I want to. I am currently re-watching these two great shows.

How often do you watch? Hard to say, but the average rate, again, is 13 dramas per year. Although it’s not like one drama per month.

Are your grades OK? Mmmm, not bad. There were times when I just wanted to watch all day and skip my classes but I usually managed to control myself. I still know my priorities, although I think I didn’t really have a choice.

So why do you watch kdramas? I know only a few men who watch Korean dramas like me. And I bet it’s the same case for you, right? Kdramas are there not only for women, but their appeal in general does not work for men. I guess that’s a fact. So why did it work for me? Why do I watch kdramas?

1. I find them as entertaining as my favorite anime or computer game.
I remember watching my first ever kdrama in just two days about three years ago. There were 20 episodes and I watched all of them within that amount of time. The cliffhangers were so good that I couldn’t stop viewing the next episodes. I was completely hooked on the show and I realized that I discovered a new leisure activity. Before that time I spend much of my free time watching anime and movies and playing computer games. I don’t even watch local TV shows or the popular American TV series.

I enjoy Kdramas as much as I enjoy Naruto Shippuden and computer games. Many men may think I am weird and argue that kdramas are boring shows made only for women. Their opinion could be attributed to the overly dramatic scenes or romantic comedies that are popular among the female fans. Watching them is not a manly thing, I agree. However, kdramas are varied and are not all romantic comedies. There’s thriller, mystery, crime, fantasy, action and other categories suitable for a man’s taste. They’re just like 16 to 20 hour-long movies with a wide range of genre.

For guys who never watched a kdrama before, I prepared the following images which could convince them that kdramas are not all cheesy or romance-driven. These are screenshots of a scene from Signal, the suspense and thrill-filled tvN drama in 2016 about a modern-day criminal profiler who gets to communicate with a police officer in the past using a walkie-talkie. In the scene below detective Cha Soo-hyun is on her way to catch a suspect. (WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!)

2. I’m interested in Korean culture and language.
I never had a liking for anything related to Korea until my interest in kdramas began. Things changed after I watched a number of them and learned about South Korea and its culture. My interest in the Korean culture and language stemmed from these shows and gave me more reason to watch them. I am currently studying Korean (although I was slacking off lately), and I find kdramas useful to help me with the correct pronunciation and proper usage of Korean words. I wish I could watch an episode someday without the English subtitles.

That’s it? Yeah. I could make another post about the things that like about Korean dramas. That would be longer and include the OSTs and gorgeous female leads.

What about the OSTs? They always captivate me and make me enjoy a kdrama more. I usually listen to them all day and night after I finish watching the finale, although I could not really understand what the songs are all about. I told you I was slacking off in my Korean lessons.

Gorgeous female leads? I don’t use the word “gorgeous” lightly here, so I really mean those beautiful Korean actresses portraying the main or secondary female characters. Most of them are older than I am but I’m still willing to date one of them if an opportunity presents itself.

Final words? The long-held stereotype concerning kdramas as mainly feminine shows should never be entertained anymore. I am saying this because a lot of people I know were surprised to find out that I watch Korean dramas.

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Me? Just an ordinary lad with an extraordinary (says this something called 'stereotype') habit of watching Korean dramas. It started with action-filled City Hunter and the rest, as they say, is history.