Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin in talks to return for sequel to action film ‘Confidential Assignment’

Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin, lead actors of the 2017 box-office hit Confidential Assignment, are reportedly under negotiations to return in the upcoming sequel to the action film, Confidential Assignment 2.

VAST Entertainment and Huayi Brothers Korea, Hyun Bin’s and Yoo’s labels, respectively, responded to the news on August 24 by sharing that both actors have received offers to appear in the film and are considering them. An official from the new movie also revealed, “Confidential Assignment 2 has entered the production stage. The ending scenes are not yet finalized as the script is still being revised. [I think] it will pick up the story from [where] the plotline of the first movie [left off].

Yoo Hae-jin and Hyun Bin in Confidential Assignment (2017)

In Confidential Assignment, Hyun Bin took on the role of a North Korean special investigations officer named Im Cheol-ryung. He was part of a team that was deployed to a hidden warehouse where counterfeit money was being printed. Following a bloodbath that left Cheol-ryung hurt and his comrades killed, North Korean officials learned that the commander of their own team has fled to South Korea with the stolen master plates from the warehouse in his possession. Cheol-ryung was later sent off on a three-day assignment to capture his rogue superior and retrieve the master plates. Then ensues the first-ever inter-Korean search operation as Officer Im and South Korean Detective Kang Jin-tae, played by Yoo Hae-jin, set out on a top-secret mission to catch the criminal. The film attracted a total of 7.8 million moviegoers locally and became the most-viewed Korean movie during the first half of 2017. By the end of its run, it recorded a cumulative worldwide box-office gross of 55.97 million USD.

Joining in to helm the second movie is director Lee Seok-hoon of The Pirates (2014) and The Himalayas (2015), who is expected to continue the prestige started by director Kim Sung-hoon (Rampant, 2018) in the first installment. Although hoping to retain its original lead cast, Confidential Assignment 2 commits to depict a fresh, gripping storyline and stage the birth of complex characters.

Currently, Hyun Bin and actor Hwang Jung-min, are in Jordan for the shooting of another action film, Negotiation, while Yoo Hae-jin and his co-stars Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, and Jin Seon-kyu are gearing up for the grand premiere of their sci-fi thriller movie, Space Sweepers, on September 23.

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