Hwang Jung-min’s, Im Yoon-ah’s daily lives as reporters unveiled in main poster for ‘Hush’

JTBC has finally released the main poster of its upcoming journalism-themed series Hush, featuring lead stars Hwang Jung-min and Girls’ Generation’s Im Yoon-ah.

The new Friday and Saturday drama Hush is based on the novel “Silence Warning” by Jung Jin-young. Set inside the media industry, the story aims to highlight the reality of newspaper reporters and their everyday dilemmas. It stars Hwang Jung-min as Han Joon-hyuk, a veteran reporter whose ideals are in conflict with his work and personal decisions, and Im Yoon-ah as Lee Ji-soo, an intern reporter with a tenacious and spirited personality.

Im Yoon-ah and Hwang Jung-min in Hush main poster

On November 24, the production unveiled the poster where Hwang and Im pose as reporters, with the backdrop of a messy office. The promo showcases central characters Joon-hyuk and Ji-soo in their daily life in the media room. Even with their busy daily routine, Joon-hyuk’s smile shows that he is enjoying his work as a journalist. While holding a black metal drinking tumbler, he casually leans on a desk while his eyes are focused on someone, as if having an amusing conversation. Meanwhile, Ji-soo, who is holding some documents, is positioned somewhat behind Joon-hyuk, with her eyes completely focused on him. Her appearance behind Joon-hyuk seems like an indicative of an intern trying to follow a veteran’s footsteps. Her gaze on him is intent, as if to say that he is her ideal senior and role model. At the bottom of the poster, the caption reads, “The livelihood of salaried reporters,” indicating the story’s focus on the average office workers’ daily lives and the overworked and hectic schedules they work in.

The chemistry between the central characters played by Hwang Jung-min and Im Yoon-ah is one of the series’ biggest points. Hwang, who is finally returning to the small screen after eight long years, said, “I [had] a strong feeling while I was reading the script, which is realistic and unique, and I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s a good script with a solid plot and side stories.” While the actor is a constant in film projects, he has also appeared in TV series in the past: TV Chosun’s Korean Peninsula in 2012 and KBS2’s The Accidental Couple in 2009.

Meanwhile, idol-turned-actress Im Yoon-ah is excited to be working with Hwang, saying, “There was no reason not to choose working with Hwang Jung-min. I also think I will be able to show the viewers a new side of me through Lee Ji-soo, a tenacious intern reporter who will do anything to survive in the industry. I will do my best to deeply sympathize with the process of Ji-soo’s growth.” In addition, the series will mark the actress’ comeback to the small screen after three years, following her last TV project, MBC’s The King in Love, back in 2017.

Hwang and Im, who will transform into newspaper reporters who will help each other learn and grow, are expected to inspire pleasant laughter and deep empathy to the viewers. The story of the drama is also something that many office workers will be able to relate to.

Hush will premiere on JTBC on December 11 at 11:00 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot currently occupied by More Than Friends.

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