Hwang Jung-min, Ha Jung-woo, more confirmed for new drama by ‘The Spy Gone North’ PD

Suriname, a new drama to be led by The Spy Gone North PD Yoon Jong-bin, has confirmed the golden lineup of A-list actors who will complete its cast.

According to multiple officials in the film industry, Suriname will be led by stars Hwang Jung-min (Hush) and Ha Jung-woo (H.I.T), who have already confirmed their casting ahead, and will be joined by Jo Woo-jin (Mr. Sunshine), Yoo Yeon-seok (Hospital Playlist), Park Hae-soo (Prison Playbook), and Choo Ja-hyun (My Unfamiliar Family).

On March 23, an official revealed to the media that the cast already gathered somewhere in Seoul on March 22 to read their scripts, saying, “Director Yoon Jong-bin and all the leading actors of Suriname gathered to conduct the first script reading yesterday.” The official also added that the atmosphere of the script reading site was “hot” as many of Korea’s hottest stars have gathered to read their scripts.

Suriname will follow a Korean man who ends up becoming a powerful drug lord in a country somewhere in South America called Suriname. Hwang will be playing the role of a drug lord, while Ha is part of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) who chases after the drug lord. The drama will serve as Hwang and PD Yoon’s reunion project after working together in the 2018 film The Spy Gone North. Meanwhile, Suriname will mark Ha’s comeback to dramas after 14 long years, following his last starring role in H.I.T. in 2007.

Jo Woo-jin, Yoo Yoon-seok, Park Hae-soo, and Choo Ja-hyun are set to play members of the drug lord’s gang and agents of the NIS, respectively.

Jo Woo-jin, Yoo Yoon-seok, Park Hae-soo, and Choo Ja-hyun
Jo Woo-jin, Yoo Yoon-seok, Park Hae-soo, and Choo Ja-hyun

The drama was originally scheduled to be filmed in the Dominican Republic, but the production resorted to domestic filming after the country imposed restrictions on entry last year due to the pandemic. The cast and crew are planning to shoot in Jeju Island and other parts of the country, and about 20% of the filming scenes are scheduled to be done in Southeast Asian countries. The drama is scheduled to be released in a total of six parts and is a huge project with a total production cost of 35 billion KRW (almost 31 million USD).

Suriname, which will be released via Netflix, is scheduled to begin filming at the end of April until the end of this year.

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