Hwang Jung-eum, Yoon Hyun-min, Seo Ji-hoon, more cast attend first script reading of new drama ‘That Guy Is the Guy’

Cast members of the upcoming KBS2 rom-com series That Guy Is the Guy (literal title) have gathered for the project’s first table read, recently sharing some candid stills.

That Guy Is the Guy tells the story of a woman who declares she’ll remain single after being hurt from past relationships. However, she gets caught up in an ironic twist of fate when two guys decide to confess their romantic feelings for her.

Among those in attendance are PD Choi Yoon-suk (Queen of Mystery 2), screenwriter Lee Eun-young (Sweden Laundry), and lead stars Hwang Jung-eum (Mystic Pop-up Bar), Yoon Hyun-min (My Holo Love), and Seo Ji-hoon (Welcome/Meow: The Secret Boy).

Also present are the members of the supporting cast Jo Woo-ri (Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life), Choi Myung-gil (Gracious Revenge), Hwang Young-hee (The King: Eternal Monarch), Seo Hyun-chul (Woman of 9.9 Billion), Kim Gyu-sun (Big Issue), Susanna Noh (Partners for Justice 2), Song Sang-eun (The King: Eternal Monarch), and Song Jin-woo (The Secret Life of My Secretary).


Drama director Choi opened the session with a warm greeting to everyone. He went on to reveal that he is nervous and excited like it is his first time before stating that together with his crew of great artists, he hopes to make the drama a piece that they would all remember for a lifetime.

The actors quickly melted into each of their characters as the table work moved to a proper start. According to the spectators, Hwang Jung-eum was able to capture the radiance and charm of the female protagonist Seo Hyun-joo who heads a webcomic planning team. Hwang impressed the audience with her colorful acting.

Likewise, Yoon Hyun-min remarkably transformed into Hwang Ji-woo, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company who exudes a cool aura and an elevated business sensibility. Even when taking on a serious personality, Yoon successfully sustained pleasant synergies with the other cast of characters.

Portraying the third lead role is actor Seo Ji-hoon, who effectively showed off the charismatic side of the popular webcomic writer Park Do-gyeom. He skillfully switched from being Seo Hyun-joo’s sociable close friend to the sincere young man professing his long-withheld affection for her.

In addition, the entire supporting cast was observed to have given their best efforts in breathing life to each of their characters, including Choi Myung-gil and Jo Woo-ri who shared a convincing chemistry as mother and daughter Kim Seon-hee and Han Seo-yoon, respectively.

That Guy Is The Guy is being plotted to be a drama of a different texture, tapping on existing societal issues between maidenhood and one’s nature of finding love and comfort in another person. It is slated to take over KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday 10:00 p.m. (KST) time slot, previously occupied by Born Again.

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