Hwang Jung-eum, Yook Sung-jae in first teaser for ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’

JTBC has dropped the first teaser for its upcoming fantasy drama Mystic Pop-Up Bar starring Hwang Jung-eum and Yook Sung-jae.

Previously known as Ssanggap Pocha, Mystic Pop-Up Bar is based on a webtoon of the same name and tells the story of a mysterious woman (Hwang Jung-eum) who runs a pojangmacha (outdoor “tent bar”) and a naive, young part-timer (Yook Sung-jae) who crosses paths with her. The two team up to appear in people’s dreams and solve their problems.

The 39-second teaser opens with Yook Sung-jae (Goblin) walking towards an orange pojangmacha as if he is bewitched. Inside, he meets Hwang Jung-eum (The Undateables), who pours him a magical blue drink. This woman belongs neither to the world of the living nor of the dead and has the power to visit people’s dreams. She watches Yook Sung-jae dreaming in her pojangmacha along with her accomplice, Choi Won-young (Hyena).

This is followed by scenes of complete chaos—Hwang Jung-eum explaining the meaning of her pojangmacha’s name “Ssanggap Pocha,” Yook Sung-jae following her around and getting mobbed by angry customers at a store, and the two sharing a drink with Choi Won-young. The teaser ends with Hwang Jung-eum in a hanbok, asking the viewers if they would like to drink with her.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is set to premiere on May 20 as the first-ever prime-time Wednesday-Thursday drama of JTBC. It is directed by PD Jeon Chang-geun of The Package.

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