How To Vote Your Favorite as The Most Popular Actor in Baeksang Arts Awards 2019

Baeksang Arts Awards is considered the most prestigious and credible award ceremony that honors achievement in Korean films and TV shows. All of its winners are determined by a panel of judges which is expected to give the accolades to the most deserving nominee based on merit, NOT popularity. However, there is at least one extra prize in which popularity takes precedence over quality.

That’s the Most Popular Actor/Actress awards, the winners of which will be based solely on public votes—the actor/actress with the highest no. of votes will take home the trophy.

Just like in the main awards, winners in the popularity awards are recognized in separate categories (film and TV). The most popular actors in TV were first recognized in 1987, whereas those in film first received the honor three years later, in 1990. Baeksang changed that long-running format just last year by giving the awards only to 1 actor and 1 actress, allowing drama actors to compete against movie stars. In 2018, actors representing TV dramas won the prizes—Jung Hae-in (male, Prison Playbook) and Bae Suzy (female, While You Were Sleeping).

That new format is still in effect this year, with the award now called the V LIVE Favorite Artist. Follow the following steps to vote your favorite actor and actress:

1. Go to the website of V LIVE

There are separate web pages for the male and female categories.

Click here to vote your favorite actor.

Click here to vote your favorite actress.

When you open the pages, you’ll know that the voting is open until April 26, 2019 at 11:59 pm Korean Standard Time (KST).

2. See the list of nominees

Scroll down the page to see the 20 nominees each for the male and female categories. There are no official drama or film attached to the names of the actors but most of them represent TV dramas broadcast in the last 12 months or so.

3. Click the actor/actress of your choice

You will be asked to log in to V LIVE before you can cast a vote. If you do not have an existing account, you can easily create one by logging in with your Facebook, Twitter, Naver, or Line account.

After a successful login, you can now choose the actor/actress again and click the VOTE button.

If your vote gets counted successfully, you should see the real-time results of the voting and be informed that you can vote only ONCE per day until April 26. V LIVE opened the voting process on April 12, so you can only give a maximum of 25 votes for each category.

As of 7 pm KST today (April 15, 2019), the winners are D.O (100 Days My Prince) and IU (My Ajusshi)

V LIVE Favorite Artist winner by April 15 (male)
V LIVE Favorite Artist winner by April 15 (female)

The 55th Baeksang Arts Awards will take place on May 1, 2019.

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