‘House of Hummingbird’s’ Park Ji-hoo cast in upcoming disaster movie

Rookie actress Park Ji-hoo will be seen in a brand new film!

Park has been cast in Concrete Utopia, a disaster film set in Seoul after it suffers a devastating earthquake. The film will tell the stories of survivors who have gathered at an apartment complex with nowhere else to go. It is based on the second part of the webtoon called “Pleasant Bullying” and stars Park Bo-young (On Your Wedding Day), Park Seo-joon (The Divine Fury, Parasite), and Lee Byung-hun (The Man Standing Next). 

Park has been cast to play Hye-won, a resident of the apartment complex. About her newest project, the actress said, “I am excited to work with so many seniors on a good project.” Reportedly, Park devoted the first day of filming to studying her character and immersing herself. 

Park Ji-hoo began her career with roles in movies like Fabricated City (2017) and The Witness (2018). However, it was in 2018 that she made headlines as the star of the Korean indie film House of Hummingbird, becoming the youngest actress to win Best Actress at the 18th Tribeca Film festival and Best New Actress at the 39th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. Park has also appeared in dramas Sweet Revenge 2 (2018) and Beautiful World (2019). She is set to star in the upcoming Netflix original show All of Us Are Dead

Concrete Utopia will be directed by Um Tae-hwa of Socialphobia (2015) and Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (2016) fame. 

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