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As Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) realizes that Hotel del Luna is gone, Man-wol observes him from afar and reveals that she let him go in order to save his soft heart. Due to the sudden move, guests of the hotel are put on a bus to afterlife. Man-wol (IU) is frustrated that Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) can’t drive to the new location, but when he wears the seat belt, she is reminded of Chan-sung laughing at her for the same.

Yu-na (MINA) and Hyun-joong (P.O) are transporting Man-wol’s stuff to the new location in a delivery truck. Yu-na pretends to be on the phone so she can talk to Hyun-joong without creeping out the driver who can’t see him. She sees the ghost of a bloody woman in a man’s car and decides to follow him.

Chan-sung visits the Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) at her pharmacy to ask where the hotel has moved. Instead, he’s given a medicine that will make him incapable of seeing the hotel or ghosts. Chan-sung hesitates to take the medicine and confesses that he likes Man-wol despite the fact that she abandoned him.

Man-wol finds Mago waiting for her in the garden of the new hotel, who informs her that she gave Chan-sung the medicine, but the decision to take it rests with him.

That night, Chan-sung visits the hotel’s old location again. He comes across a firefly that illuminates the silhouette of a spirit. Chan-sung tells the spirit that the hotel has moved, and the spirit vanishes. A real estate manager comes by and tells him that the place is to be put up for sale.

While talking to the real estate manager on the phone, Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) learns that Chan-sung is with him. On the pretext of making Man-wol speak to the manager, Seo-hee puts her on the line with Chan-sung instead. Chan-sung says that he will come back if Man-wol asks him too. Man-wol hesitates a bit before saying no.

While following the car with the female ghost, Yu-na and Hyun-joong arrive at a forest and see another ghost, this time a man. Yu-na wants to investigate but Hyun-joong makes her promise to be careful.

Man-wol heads to the town’s brewery for some rice beer. She comes across the god who protects the town’s well (cameo by NAM DA-REUM).

Chan-sung sees the old Chairman, the owner of the Mount Baekdu painting in his room, and realizes that the man is now dead. The Chairman wishes to visit Hotel del Luna and Chan-sung decides to follow him.

Man-wol is fondly remembering Chan-sung caring for her guests when he suddenly shows up with the Chairman’s ghost. When Man-wol yells at him to leave, he reveals that he knew the Mount Baekdu painting would be more valuable after the Chairman’s death and resolves to come back with money.

Chan-sung meets the water god and invites him into the hotel. The god walks right through Chan-sung, drenching him with water.

Man-wol is stressed because the hotel is soaked in water and she can’t kick a god out. The outside world is a mess too because the well from which the brewery pulls water dries up, leading people to panic. Seo-hee brings a request from the god—he wants to meet Chan-sung. Man-wol refuses, fearing for Chan-sung’s safety, but he convinces her to let him meet the god.

Hyun-joong tells Yu-na that the old lady they saw at the hospital is his little sister, but forbids her from visiting. Yu-na blurts out that she would never say anything bad about him because she likes him and curses herself for ruining her confession. She trips on a body buried in the forest, which belongs to the male ghost they saw before. The ghost appears before them, but this time, we see several spirits join him.

Chan-sung assures a worried Man-wol that he’ll be fine and steps into the room where the water god is waiting. Man-wol runs after him in panic, but is unable to open the door.

In the room, the god reveals to Chan-sung that the well is drying up, and he ran away because he’s afraid of being abandoned. He tells Chan-sung a way to get rid of him. In return for Chan-sung’s help, the god also shows him his biggest fear—Man-wol turning into a vengeful spirit and disappearing—to help him make a decision.

The man whose car Yu-na followed—who is revealed to be a serial killer—watches the news of the police finding his victims’ bodies buried in the forest. Yu-na brings the ghosts of the victims to the hotel.

Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA) parties at Sanchez’s restaurant with a group of friends, one of whom turns out to be the serial killer (cameo by LEE DAVID). Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) turns visibly anxious at seeing the man, especially when he mentions wanting to meet Chan-sung.

Man-wol and Chan-sung lay the water god to rest in a pond in the late Chairman’s vacation house. Chan-sung makes a decision about the medicine Mago gave him and throws it in the pond. Man-wol calls him a fool, and he asks her to always protect him instead of sending him away.


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