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Princess Song-hwa and Chung-myung (LEE DO-HYUN) smile at each other, dressed in matching red wedding robes. Man-wol, her face covered, kills the guards in the palace. She finally enters Song-hwa’s chambers and kills her with her sword. As Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA) walks towards Man-wol (IU) in the present, these are the memories playing in Man-wol’s head. She blames Chan-sung for calling Song-hwa back into her life and pushes Mi-ra into the water. As he goes to help Mi-ra, Man-wol disappears.

Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) helps Mi-ra dry herself and listens to her talk about a bracelet from her grandmother that protects her from her past life’s curse, all the while disturbed by Man-wol’s reaction. Mi-ra wonders where her purse is, just as Man-wol, now on a bus, goes through Mi-ra’s childhood photos in her purse as well as her photos with Chan-sung in her phone. Suddenly, she yells at someone to turn down the noise and we see that a group of old people’s ghosts are having a dance party. She changes the channel on the bus’ radio and hears about Korea’s oldest woman passing away at 120 years of age.

Grim Reaper (KANG HONG-SEOK) is about to take the old woman’s spirit to the afterlife when Man-wol appears and convinces her to stay until her great-grandchild is born. Reaper chastises Man-wol for making an old soul wander, but Man-wol just wants to meet Mago (SEO YI-SOOK), who she surely thinks will show up to interfere. Later, Mago wonders why Man-wol would go to this extent just to see her. Man-wol brings up Mi-ra, and Mago warns her not to hurt Mi-ra because she doesn’t remember anything from her past life, and also for Man-wol’s own smooth passage to afterlife. Man-wol wonders if ‘he’ will come too, most likely referring to Chung-myung. Mago refuses to answer, but after Man-wol leaves, mutters about a flower that should go through harsh winds and rain if it is to bloom.

While looking for Man-wol at the hotel, Chan-sung learns that even if Man-wol runs away from the hotel, it will follow her. The ancient tree is Man-wol’s spirit that creates the hotel, so wherever she goes, the tree plants itself there. Chan-sung realizes with sadness that the hotel is like a prison for Man-wol, but Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) explains that it is a fence too because it holds Man-wol back from harming humans and thus turning into a vengeful spirit.

Mi-ra is confused when a bus driver contacts her to return her purse, which has everything except her childhood photo at an amusement park. Seo-hee visits Man-wol, who is staring at Mi-ra’s childhood photo, with champagne that Chan-sung ordered for her. When Man-wol sees Chan-sung, she wonders why he’s not nagging her to be nice since she pushed Mi-ra into the water. Chan-sung just says he doesn’t understand how she became a bad person when all he sees in his dreams is a woman in love. Changing the topic, he asks what she did by herself after disappearing. When Man-wol mentions the dance party, Chan-sung asks her to do fun things with him in the future and promises that he’ll always be with her.

It’s raining and a man enters a room in his house to find that a vinyl record player has turned on by itself and is playing retro music. He breaks the vinyl record, but the music starts again. A girl appears in the dark (cameo by PARK JIN-JOO) and asks him to stay with her until the music ends. The power comes back and the man’s wife enters the room to find him staring at the window and singing the same song, before passing out.

Chan-sung returns home to find that Mi-ra has moved into Sanchez’s (JO HYUN-CHUL) place. Man-wol impulsively decides to reopen the amusement park at the hotel, and tells Hyun-joong that she’s going to invite a guest soon. She also sends Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) and Seo-hee to pick out real estate, making the two wonder if she’s going to sell her existing property.

Yu-na (MINA) and Hyun-joong (P.O) keep an eye on Mi-ra on Man-wol’s orders. Yu-na is frustrated because despite her dropping various hints, Hyun-joong doesn’t ask her to be her boyfriend. The two follow Mi-ra to her friend’s house, which turns out to be the place haunted by the vinyl record player ghost.

Sanchez brings up new job prospects with Chan-sung, who had said he would work at Hotel del Luna only temporarily. Chan-sung, however, announces that he has no plans of leaving his current job. Sanchez finds it odd that someone as fond of showing off as Chan-sung is working at a no-name hotel, leading Chan-sung to sing Hotel del Luna’s praises. Sanchez wonders if Chan-sung isn’t leaving because he likes Man-wol, making him cough violently and announces that Chan-sung’s secret is out. Chan-sung’s song of denial stops only when he gets a call from Mi-ra asking if his hotel has any rooms available.

Chan-sung arrives at the place of Mi-ra’s friend only to see Yu-na and Hyun-joong already there. Man-wol, too, arrives at the scene to reveal that she asked them to follow Mi-ra. Chan-sung accidentally reveals that Mi-ra is living with him, which makes Man-wol angry, but he manages to convince her to take the ghost to the hotel.

The husband of Mi-ra’s friend is the same man who was terrorized by the ghost of the young woman, and reveals that his house was passed down to him by his parents. Man-wol and Chan-sung hear music coming from a room no one is in, and inspect it to find the ghost of a woman named Gyeong-ha, who is waiting for her love—a doctor. When Gyeong-ha’s ghost sees Chan-sung, she hugs him tightly and addresses him as Min, lovingly leaning her head on his shoulder and explaining that she can’t be with him because she loves the doctor. She proceeds to address Man-wol as Sook-hui and forbids her to touch anything. Chan-sung wants to take Gyeong-ha to the hotel, but Man-wol says she can never be a guest because she was never a human.

With shock, Chan-sung realizes that he didn’t feel cold when Gyeong-ha hugged him, like usually does when the hotel’s guests touch him. Man-wol reveals that Gyeong-ha is an illusion made up of someone’s thoughts. The house owner’s mother arrives, and reveals that she was the one who created Gyeong-ha because she wanted to experience love and dating despite getting married to a man she didn’t love at just 22 years of age. She agrees to get rid of her diary in which she wrote about Gyeong-ha for the sake of her son. As she burns the diary, Man-wol gets an idea and leaves even as Chan-sung stays for dinner. Later, he learns from Mi-ra’s friend that Man-wol invited Mi-ra to the hotel.

Mi-ra arrives at Hotel del Luna and is led straight to the amusement park where Man-wol is waiting for her. She tricks Mi-ra into removing the bracelet with her grandmother’s protection and destroys it. Man-wol makes Mi-ra’s family from her childhood photo magically appear in front of her as Mi-ra recounts how happy she was that day. Man-wol can’t stand the thought of Mi-ra ever being happy and uses the idea of Gyeong-ha’s creation to twist Mi-ra’s childhood version into someone who was hated for being born and abandoned at an amusement park. The magically created younger Mi-ra’s eyes turn black as Man-wol speaks her curse and sends her towards the older Mi-ra. Chan-sung arrives just as Mi-ra is about to touch the cursed child and begs her to stop. Man-wol asks him to leave the hotel, but Chan-sung implores her to protect him and goes to take the cursed child into his arms. The child disintegrates and seems to enter Chan-sung’s body. He passes out as Man-wol watches in tears.

Later, Mi-ra is dropped home by Yu-na while Man-wol sits by unconscious Chan-sung and burns Mi-ra’s childhood photo, hoping it’ll lift the curse off of Chan-sung.

Chan-sung has another dream about Man-wol’s past, in which Man-wol has told Chung-myung of her plans to join the revolution with her clan and said that there was no way they could be together. After Chung-myung had left, Man-wol had allowed herself to cry. Before leaving, Man-wol had gotten a sign from Chung-myung and left to see him one last time, promising Yeon-woo that she’d be back soon. However, she had been ambushed by Princess Song-hwa’s guards. The guards had ambushed Man-wol’s clan too, and it had been Chung-myung who had captured Yeon-woo.

Later, Chung-myung had visited Man-wol where she was being held hostage and admitted to using her to capture her clan. Man-wol had sworn to kill him, and had been forced to watch as Yeon-woo was hung at the pier. Princess Song-hwa had announced that she was sparing Man-wol’s life, and Man-wol had paid her back by killing her on her wedding night. She’d then worn the princess’ dress and waited for Chung-myung. When he had arrived, she thrown off her veil and charged at him.

Chan-sung wakes up with a start. Sanchez informs him that he’s been sleeping for three days straight. He also says that Man-wol left the Mount Baekdu painting for him as a gift, which strikes Chan-sung as odd and he runs to the hotel, only to find it gone. There’s no board marking the hotel, and the inside of the house that use to become the grand hotel at night is completely empty. Chan-sung remembers that the hotel moves with Man-wol. In a flashback, we see Man-wol tenderly placing her hand over Chan-sung’s head and telling him goodbye.

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