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The captain of the guards, Chung-myung (LEE DO-HYUN), is gazing at the moon when Princess Song-hwa visits him. She smiles at him but Chung-myung turns away and goes to meet Man-wol (IU) instead, who is wandering outside the castle. He teases her by saying that she came to see him, but a blushing Man-wol states that she came to steal. Chung-myung confiscates the alcohol from her and tells her to be careful in that area because of the riots, at which Man-wol finally cracks a smile. In the present, Man-wol sits under the ancient tree, which is now flowering, and wonders if she will bloom like the tree.

Yu-na (MINA) tries to look for the man she got a weird feeling about, only to see his corpse being wheeled towards an ambulance. She finds his phone in the ladies’ washroom. Suddenly, lights around her begin to flicker and a woman dressed all in black who looks like another sister of Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) appears, immediately pinning Yu-na to the wall. Grim Reaper (KANG HONG-SEOK) arrives to let the woman know that Yu-na is not the vengeful spirit she’s looking for. Yu-na runs after being released while the woman instructs the Reaper to find the vengeful spirit. She seems to find Man-wol and Hotel del Luna unnecessary, and when Reaper states that Man-wol will be passing soon, she reveals that Man-wol’s sins will make her passage to afterlife difficult and turn her into a vengeful spirit.

Meanwhile, it’s chaos at the hotel—the ghost of an old man finds his wife’s ghost cheating on him. A violent quarrel erupts and Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) gets pushed too hard by a ghost, leading Man-wol to put an end to it, which she does by handing them knives to kill each other again. Embarrassed, the couple stop fighting. Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) leaves to serve the woman while Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) makes drinks for the disgruntled husband.

Hyun-joong (P.O) asks Chan-sung not to meddle in the fights of ghosts because he can get hit by their cursed energy. He also reveals that Man-wol, who usually doesn’t involve herself in the guests’ affairs, had solved the quarrel after seeing Chan-sung get hurt. He advises a pleased-looking Chan-sung to sprinkle salt on himself to get rid of the bad energy.

Chan-sung’s mood sours again when he finds out that Man-wol is planning to buy a yacht. Through his usual nagging, he manages to convince her to visit a fishing dock with him by car. Man-wol paints her nails to match the destination of her date as Chan-sung looks at the now framed autograph of Kim Joon-hyun in Man-wol’s office with satisfaction. He goes home to find Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) planning to set Man-wol up with one of his friends and shoots down the idea, making it obvious that he likes Man-wol.

Yu-na, who has gotten weak since the attack, hides in a closet at school after being harassed by spirits. Hyun-joong makes himself visible to the nurse’s room in full view of her classmates.

Man-wol learns from the Reaper that Yu-na was injured by one of Mago’s lookalikes. She wonders which between the two Mago deities will win—the one who wants her to bloom like a flower or the one who wants her to turn into a vengeful spirit.

Hyun-joong brings the phone Yu-na found in the bathroom to Man-wol, who then realizes that the ghost in Room 13 is trapping humans through a video. They decide to make Chan-sung watch the video to call the ghost, but the link opens to an empty room. Man-wol visits the room inside the phone’s screen and explains that the ghost is creating these rooms and sending the video to her targets.

Another man receives the link to the video and ignores his wife and child to run to another room to watch it. As soon as he opens it, the Room 13 ghost appears and forces his face into a hot bowl of soup.

Chan-sung meets with the ghost’s sister, who reveals that the ghost was named Ga-young and died five years go after becoming a victim of a hidden camera. The men she’s targeting are the ones who spread her video in college and were never punished. The culprit who made and sold Ga-young’s video is now the CEO of a video-sharing company and living a lavish life. Chan-sung and Man-wol visit the guy and invite him to the hotel. When Man-wol takes a picture of him without permission, he asks her to respect his privacy, making her snort and wonder loudly if his photos will fetch a good price. The man realizes something is off and asks if they’re reporters, ordering them to leave. Chan-sung surreptitiously nicks the man’s phone.

When no link appears on the man’s phone, Chan-sung realizes that Ga-young’s ghost might use a different method and wants to go back to check. Man-wol says that Mago will be visiting instead, and wonders which form of her will make the visit. The man asks for the CCTV footage of Man-wol and Chan-sung’s visit, and opens the video to see Ga-young’s ghost. He shuts his laptop, but suddenly, every desktop in his office begins playing the same video. Ga-young’s ghost locks the man in place, unable to move as she walks out of the screen chanting that she’ll kill him. But the screen shatters, breaking the spell and enabling the man to escape. Ga-young’s spirit begins disintegrating into ashes.

Chan-sung arrives on the scene just as the merciless Mago announces that Ga-young will cease to exist because she hurt humans. Ga-young’s sister’s words, wondering if her dead sister is at peace, play in Chan-sung’s mind and he clutches his chest in pain. Man-wol watches Ga-young’s remains fly away as a woman’s voice asks, “Why won’t a god visit us in the form we want?”

Sun-bi and Seo-hee talk about how much Ga-young’s fate disappointed Chan-sung. Hyun-joong comforts him, saying that he couldn’t have done anything to change a god’s will. Chan-sung worries that Hyun-joong, Sun-bi, and Seo-hee might meet a similar end, but Hyun-joong assures him that that they stay out of trouble.

Man-wol invites the man who wronged Ga-young to the hotel. The man throws her handwritten invitation in the trash, but the words float off of the card and follow him to his car. Man-wol’s voice takes over the GPS in the car and guides him to the hotel, where Hyun-joong greets him and Chan-sung brings him to Room 13. The room has turned into a replica of the room he secretly filmed Ga-young in. The man runs out of the room but finds himself back in his car, wondering if he had a dream. Man-wol, now sitting beside him, informs him that he’s not dreaming. He finds out that his car is parked over train tracks, which Man-wol reveals is the boundary of life and death. She doesn’t let him drive or leave the car until he confesses his crime. As a train speeds in his direction, the man admits to filming multiple women secretly. It seems as if the train has hit the car, but the man once again wakes up to find himself alone in his car.

Chan-sung doesn’t understand why Man-wol let the man go. She says that she only wanted to reveal how evil he was and leaves the judgement to Mago. Once again, a train speeds in the man’s direction, and this time rams into the car as Mago. Ga-young’s sister sees the news of his death and states that there must be a god, somewhere.

At the hospital with Yu-na, Hyun-joong tears up as he watches an old woman on wheelchair being cared for by her older brother and is reminded of his little sister. Mysteriously, Yu-na informs him that the old man has the exact same name as Hyun-joong. Seo-hee and Sun-bi discuss Hyun-joong’s imminent passing now that his sister, whom he was waiting for, is old. The quarreling couple let each other pass to after life amicably.

Mago meets Chan-sung in the garden and consoles him by explaining that the gods don’t do what humans want in order to get humans to make the effort. She glances at the flowers on the ancient tree and remarks that he must be treating Man-wol well, but Chan-sung says the pretty flowers are making him sad, much like what Man-wol said at the beach.

Chan-sung plans to take Man-wol out in Sanchez’s yacht. He brings up seeing her in a red wedding dress in his dream, but Man-wol says it wasn’t her dress. She grows serious and tells Chan-sung that she was a very bad person. Chan-sung gets a call from Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA), who tells him that she’s coming to meet him.

Man-wol recognizes Mi-ra as Princess Song-hwa from her past and is shocked that Chan-sung knows her. As she watches Mi-ra through tears, a couple of quick flashbacks—Mi-ra in the same wedding dress Chan-sung saw Man-wol in, Chung-myung as Mi-ra’s groom, and Man-wol’s hands bound by ropes as she watches Yeon-woo (LEE TAE-SUN) being executed—paint the picture of an ominous reveal.


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