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Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) thinks back to Man-wol’s words about her being the last guest he would send off. On his train ride back home, he comes across the ghost of an old man with a wound in the back of his head. He tries convincing the ghost to go to Hotel del Luna but only ends up making himself look crazy in front of the other passengers. Chan-sung buys the ghost beer and a hat to calm him and makes him promise to go to the hotel. He spots famous comedian Kim Joon-hyun in a shop and watches the ghost join a gaggle of teenagers following the celeb. It strikes him that Man-wol (IU) is a huge Kim Joon-hyun fan from the cooking show she watches.

Man-wol, meanwhile, is watching Kim Joon-hyun eat octopus on TV. Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) offers to buy the octopus, but a sullen Man-wol refuses. She perks up when she spots the earring that she’d asked Chan-sung to find and announces that she’s going out to eat and show off her earrings. Seo-hee watches Man-wol’s excitement with a worried expression on her face. Man-wol calls Sanchez (Jo Hyun-chul) to let Chan-sung know that she’s picking him up for dinner, but Sanchez bursts her bubble by revealing that he’s meeting his girlfriend from America. Man-wol suddenly appears behind Sanchez and proceeds to inquire about this girlfriend, visibly jealous.

A flashback tells us that Mi-ra (Park Yoo-na) was the same noblewoman who liked the guard from Man-wol’s past and Mago’s (SEO YI-SOOK) voice narrates, “Their fates from long ago have finally intersected.” Chan-sung waits with a bunch of kids for Kim Joon-hyun’s autograph but ends up walking away without it. He suddenly sees Man-wol in the middle of the road. She wants to know if he’s met the person, which Chan-sung understands to mean Kim Joon-hyun and proceeds to describe the man as “thinner than expected, tall and fair.” This further sours Man-wol’s mood and she yells that she’s just there to eat octopus. Chan-sung smiles when he notices her wearing the earrings he found and agrees to go to the beach with her for some octopus, which improves her mood a great deal. When he casually reveals that Kim Joon-hyun is filming nearby, Man-wol abandons the plan and runs to the site.

They end up missing the guy but eat at the restaurant where the filming took place. Chan-sung remarks that the restaurant will become popular post Kim’s visit, but Man-wol says that would have happened anyway, pointing to a cook’s baby and revealing that the kid was born with good fortune accumulated through her good karma in past life. She explains that those who accumulate bad karma are born as dogs or pigs, which makes Chan-sung nervous about Man-wol’s rebirth. He tells her about the old man’s ghost and instructs her to take him to the hotel nicely so she can accumulate good karma, while Man-wol warns him not to approach random ghosts because they can be evil and possess his soul.

Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) and Seo-hee inform Grim Reaper (KANG HONG-SEOK) about the escape of the ghost from Room 13. Grim Reaper worries that the ghost will harm humans and sets out to catch her. A man working overtime in his office takes a break to watch a porn video labelled ‘killer stuff’. The woman in the video turns into the ghost of Room 13 and reaches out of the desktop screen to kill the man.

Yu-na (MINA) waits for Hyun-joong (P.O) at school as her classmates plan another prank on her. Hyun-joong arrives and scares them out of bothering Yu-na. He informs her that Man-wol approved her internship, but wants to know why she would choose a hotel for ghosts over school. He talks about enjoying school when he was a child, including being picked up from school by his housekeeper, which tells Yu-na that Hyun-joong was rich. He sees a piano and wonders if he remembers how to play. Before he can show Yu-na, however, her classmates return to bully her and demand that she play the piano. Yu-na grows nervous but Hyun-joong grabs her hands and plays the piano with her, which makes him think of a memory with his little sister and their housekeepers. He sheds a tear, which lands on Yu-na’s hand, but by the time she looks back, he’s gone.

Sun-bi and Seo-hee visit the ancient tree and express relief at the fact that it hasn’t changed much since sprouting new leaves. Suddenly, the tree begins to shake violently. Sun-bi guesses that Man-wol must be angry because of Chan-sung again. Sure enough, we see Chan-sung trying to convince Man-wol to sell her cars because her finances are in trouble. He announces that he won’t help her extort money from guests anymore and instructs her to live an honest life so she’s not reincarnated as a dog or a pig. Man-wol hilariously says that she’s happy to be reincarnated even as a chicken, but when Chan-sung informs her that she won’t have money to eat chicken next month, she worries that she’ll be poor again.

Sun-bi, Seo-hee, and Hyun-joong inform Chan-sung that the hotel went through some financially tough times during which Man-wol suffered a lot, especially during the Korean War. We see Man-wol with a platter of exotic foods in front of her, muttering that she hates being poor while sipping champagne. Chan-sung announces that he will help Man-wol save money and Hyun-joong tries warning him against making her mad, but is stopped by Sun-bi, who eggs Chan-sung on.

We are taken to the sets of a period drama where the lead actor Yu Oh (LEE YI-KYUNG in a lovely cameo) struggles with his role as king. While practicing his lines alone, Yu Oh is visited by the ghost of a king who says his lines with the authority he can’t muster. Yu Oh faints upon seeing the ghost.

The king visits Hotel del Luna, where everyone from Seo-hee to Sun-bi and Man-wol is over the moon to serve and give him the VVIP guest treatment. As Chan-sung tries to figure out which Joseon king he is, Seo-hee takes exotic foods to the guy while Sun-bi shows up with a traditional toilet. Man-wol instructs Hyun-joong to stop accepting new guests while the king is still at the hotel. Chan-sung tries sharing his doubts about the king with Man-wol, but she’s too excited for his nagging.

Chan-sung’s doubts continue to linger in Man-wol’s mind, however, and when she asks Hyun-joong to google the king’s name, they realize that he’s merely an actor who was supposed to play the king in another drama—”The Crowned Courtesan” (a parody of Yeo Jin-goo’s previous drama The Crowned Clown). Seo-hee informs Man-wol that the man in king’s garb is actor Bang Tae-wu, who lived his whole life as a supporting actor before getting his first lead role as king. He passed away before the filming began and now believes he’s an actual king. Embarrassed, Man-wol asks her staff to send him to the afterlife on the first bus. She tries to avoid a smug Chan-sung, but he spots her and proceeds to tease her about being fooled by a mere actor. An annoyed Man-wol stomps away saying that she treats every guest like royalty.

Hyun-joong discovers that after Bang Tae-wu’s death, his role was given to a popular but terrible actor. Chan-sung has the idea of letting Bang tae-wu film the drama by having him possess the actor who has replaced him. Man-wol and Chan-sung land on the sets of the “The Crowned Courtesan” where Man-wol overhears actor Yu Oh on the phone with his agency’s CEO, announcing that he’s dropping out of the drama. Man-wol immediately devises the plan to extract money from the guy. She dresses up as the Queen from the show and lures Yu Oh away from the crew, allowing Bang Tae-wu to enter his body. Yu Oh then proceeds to give an emotional performance, even shedding real tears and making everyone applaud. When Bang Tae-wu leaves the actor’s body, he finds himself surprised by the applause and the tears.

Back at the hotel, Chan-sung tells Hyun-joong that instead of going to the afterlife, Bang Tae-wu will stay and finish the drama because he’s making money for Man-wol. We flash back to the actor being in awe of Man-wol’s coaching skills and agreeing to send her his entire fee for appearing on the show. Man-wol can’t believe how much actors get paid and asks Chan-sung to try acting, but he says he can’t act. Man-wol postpones their beach date to the next day, and when Chan-sung protests that he needs to be at the drama sets, she informs him that she got an intern.

Yu-na and Chan-sung meet in Sanchez’s pizza shop. She wants to accompany him to the set, but he’s meeting a friend and turns her down. Yu-na leaves saying she’s only excited in ghosts and not humans. Chan-sung’s supposed girlfriend, Mi-ra enters the restaurant and greets him with an “It’s been a long time.”

Man-wol gets dressed up for her beach date with Chan-sung, but when Hyun-joong mentions that Chan-sung is with his girlfriend and remarks that he won’t grow old alone like Manager Noh, Man-wol changes her mind and decides not to meet him.

Instead of talking like separated lovers, Chan-sung and Mi-ra’s conversation is all about the money she owes him. Mi-ra tries to steer the conversation to how much he used to like her but Chan-sung spots comedian Kim Joon-hyun outside and runs after him to get an autograph. He even gets a photograph to show to Man-wol, but she calls him to ask him to take the day off, confusing him again.

Man-wol sits alone by the ancient tree, looking dejected. A lone firefly flutters around the tree, and we are ushered into a flashback of Man-wol’s past as she sat beside a beach and drank alone. The man she liked, the guard, had popped up to give her company to keep her from being bored. When she’d asked what’s special about watching a scenery with him, he’d said that it’s different than watching it alone. As Man-wol walks away from the tree, a flower quietly blooms on it.

Mago excitedly tells her sisters about the ancient tree sprouting leaves and looking beautiful. Yu-na sits in a restaurant beside a man and has a strange feeling as he walks away. The man finds a washroom and excitedly opens the same video titled “killer stuff,” but it is revealed that the video is actually a hidden camera. Once again, the ghost of Room 13 launches out of the screen to kill the man.

Man-wol hangs out alone on the beach in the hotel. She calls her staff and gets the sun’s settings changed from noon to evening, but can’t seem to find enjoyment in looking at the sea alone, muttering that the sea is the same as always. Chan-sung drops in and excitedly shows her Kim Joon-hyun’s message and autograph, which she first takes to mean that he’s confessing to her because the message says “I love you, Jang Man-wol.” When Chan-sung admits how embarrassed he was to run after a celebrity, Man-wol smiles, which pleases Chan-sung. He gazes at the sea with her and says it’s pretty. Man-wol agrees, but says the sea is making her sad, because it looks prettier in his company.


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