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Man-wol (LEE JI-EUN) kisses Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) to keep the ghost in Room 13 from hearing the sound of his breath. She instructs him to run as soon as she opens the door. The ghost tries to chase after Chan-sung but he shuts the door. Man-wol makes the ghost crawl back into her hiding place. Just as she’s leaving, the ghost calls Chan-sung in Man-wol’s voice. Man-wol is sure that Chan-sung is too much of a coward to come back until the door flies open again and Chan-sung rushes in, grabbing Man-wol in his arms. The ghost takes the chance and escapes.

Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) and Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN), who are waiting outside Room 13, watch the ghost escape and worry that their plan turned out to be a disaster. Chan-sung worries excessively about Man-wol being hurt, which she takes as him losing his mind because he saw the ghost, but Chan-sung smiles at having pulled a prank on her. She pretends to be annoyed, but when she turns to walk away, she’s smiling.

Sun-bi appears excessively apologetic for sending Chan-sung to Room 13 but ends up rousing Chan-sung’s suspicions. Hyun-joong (P.O) visits Kim Yu-na (MINA)—the 4th candidate for the manager position who is possessed by Soo-jeong’s spirit—at school to bring her to Hotel del Luna. He sees Yu-na’s classmates gossip about Soo-jeong’s ghost taking hold of her body. In a rush to get away from them, Yu-na trips, but is caught by Hyun-joong. The others, unable to see who caught Yu-na, panic and run away. Hyun-joong informs Yu-na about the position at the hotel, but holds off on escorting her after getting a text from Sun-bi. Yu-na is surprised that ghosts have cell phones and asks for his number. Hyun-joong is hesitant to talk to a human but ends up sending Yu-na a text, which makes her smile.

Back at the hotel, Hyun-joong can’t hide his happiness at seeing Chan-sung completely sane, which further rouses Chan-sung’s suspicions. Sun-bi and Seo-hee take Man-wol through a slideshow of the ways they can get rid of Chan-sung but Man-wol isn’t interested anymore. Seo-hee thinks that Man-wol is sure that nothing will change even if the tree changes because of Chan-sung and suddenly seems glad Chan-sung doesn’t know they sent him to Room 13 intentionally.

That is the exact moment Chan-sung figures everything out and goes to ask Man-wol why everyone conspired against him. Man-wol lets him know that they’re scared of her passing into afterlife, which means the staff will have to leave too, and Chan-sung grows serious. He wonders why she saved him from the ghost and Man-wol grudgingly admits that she has developed some affection for him because of the tree. She gets annoyed when Chan-sung appears smug, making him wonder where the kind version of Man-wol from his dreams is. When he mentions seeing Yeon-woo (LEE TAE-SUN) in his dreams, Man-wol turns wistful and says that Yeon-woo was the person who loved her the most in the world. Later, alone in her room, she remembers Yeon-woo telling her how much he loves her and gets tearful.

In a funeral home, a priest cuts off a dead woman’s nails and hair and places them in a red pouch, which he gives to an old couple who look like the woman’s parents. The priest assures them that they’ll be able to find a human groom for Su-min, the dead woman. Su-min’s ghost helplessly watches her parents tie the pouch to a flying lantern and cries that she doesn’t want to marry a stranger.

Chan-sung bumps into Su-min’s ghost on his way home and takes her to Man-wol, who is annoyed that he keeps bringing all the ghosts with problems. Chan-sung reveals that Su-min is being forced to have a soul wedding. Man-wol asks Su-min to rest at the hotel before making a decision about the wedding and tries to get her to stop leaning on Chan-sung’s shoulder. Su-min is too exhausted to walk to her room so Chan-sung picks her up. A visibly envious Man-wol wonders why he got the handcart when she got stabbed despite being perfectly capable of lifting people up.

Man-wol opens up the hotel’s wedding hall and asks her staff to prepare for a wedding, remarking that Su-min’s parents are rich. She lists all the things she plans to buy and is excited at the chance to annoy Chan-sung again. Chan-sung wakes up sad that he had dreamed about Man-wol again, when Sanchez informs him that Man-wol from work called his phone, praising how well-mannered and courteous she is. Chan-sung is surprised, considering Man-wol is always cranky around him.

Man-wol finds out that Chan-sung is planning to find the red pouch and return it to Su-min’s parents. The catch, however, is that as soon as he touches the pouch, he becomes her groom. Angered, Man-wol sets out to find Chan-sung, who is looking for the red pouch in a park. Sanchez promises to help him look after he’s done exercising. Chan-sung spots Man-wol sunbathing in the park and asks what she’s doing there. Man-wol orders Chan-sung to let someone else find the pouch but he refuses, pointing out that in case he becomes the groom, she’ll resolve the situation for him. Meanwhile, it is Sanchez who has found the red pouch, which Man-wol sees using her magical binoculars. Man-wol proceeds to ask Chan-sung what he would like to eat at his friend’s wedding.

Sanchez gets home and opens the pouch to find hair and nails. Suddenly, a red thread appears on his pinky finger. When he sees Su-min’s ghost, whom the red thread is tied to, he passes out. Chan-sung gets home to see Sanchez shivering in a corner with Su-min’s ghost beside him. As he comforts his friend, he gets a call from Su-min’s parents confirming if Hotel del Luna will host Su-min’s wedding. Chan-sung escorts Su-min’s parents to the hotel where they meet Man-wol who assures them that she’ll plan a great wedding and receives an unlimited credit card from them. Man-wol assures a worried Chan-sung that Sanchez will be okay as soon as the wedding is over and Su-min goes to afterlife, but Chan-sung seems unconvinced.

Sanchez is so scared that he doesn’t even move to pee, choosing to relieve himself in a vase beside him. Man-wol goes jewelry shopping dressed up as Audrey Hepburn. Chan-sung notes that she’s shopping more for herself than the wedding and tries to convince her that they should just burn the pouch instead of having a wedding. Man-wol says that Su-min’s ghost will be stuck with Sanchez forever if that happens.

Chan-sung decides to visit Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) using the business card she gave him. He finds not her, but two of her sisters who look exactly like her. The younger sister, who is dressed fancy, suggests that Chan-sung find Su-min a match from among the guests at the hotel and help the pair leave for the afterlife together. Chan-sung thinks it’s a great idea and turns to leave, when the older sister gives him a tonic to help with his sleep troubles.

Chan-sung rounds up all the single male ghosts in Hotel del Luna and asks Su-min to make her choice by presenting one of them the red pouch. To his surprise, Su-min hands the red pouch to Chan-sung and asks him to marry her so she can leave alone. When Man-wol finds out that Chan-sung is marrying the ghost, she is furious and instructs Hyun-joong to bring in their 4th candidate aka Kim Yu-na immediately.

Chan-sung waits outside the wedding hall dressed as a groom and tries to convince himself that he’s dreaming, and it will all be over soon. When he opens the gates to the wedding hall, however, he sees the Man-wol from his dreams wearing a traditional red wedding dress and bleeding. He shuts his eyes and opens them again to find present day Man-wol standing in front of him, and realizes that he had a sudden dream about her. Man-wol informs him that the real reason Su-min doesn’t want to get married is there is someone she’s not letting go of in death.

The fancy younger sister of Mago visits Su-min’s ghost with a wedding gift. Chan-sung puzzles over how to get rid of the red pouch as Man-wol plans to bring back Su-min’s real groom. Yu-na visits that guy at the hospital, telling him that Su-min is marrying another man. She brings him to the hotel just as Man-wol tells Su-min’s ghost that she’s bringing back the man Su-min really wants to marry. Chan-sung hands the red pouch to Su-min’s groom. When he enters the wedding hall, we see that the red string of fate is on his finger.

Man-wol’s voice narrates that once the wedding is over, the man will die, and wonders if Chan-sung knew that. It seems that Chan-sung has realized it because he runs to the wedding hall. Man-wol reveals that the couple who wanted the soul wedding were actually the man’s parents wanting Su-min’s ghost to let go of their son. In the hospital, we see the old couple beside their son’s bed. Chan-sung is unable to open the doors to the wedding hall and yells for Su-min’s ghost to cancel the wedding. Su-min’s ghost stops her groom right before they’re about to kiss and drives him away by turning into a malicious spirit. Chan-sung and Man-wol watch as Su-min’s ghost cuts off the red string binding her to the groom using a magical scissors—a gift from Mago’s sister.

Yu-na wanders around the hotel and convinces Hyun-joong to keep her as an intern. Sanchez is lovingly cleaning the vase he peed in when a woman called Mi-ra shows up at his house, announcing that she wants to meet Chan-sung. Chan-sung, meanwhile, is seeing Su-min’s ghost off on her journey to afterlife. The grim reaper informs Man-wol that Chan-sung will be the one to see her off as she leaves for her final journey. When they’re alone, Chan-sung mentions feeling lonely after sending the guests off, and Man-wol points out that it’s because he knows he won’t see them again. She then tells him that she will be his last guest, and asks him not to feel lonely after he sends her off.


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