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Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) describes the man he saw in his dreams and wonders if he’s the guy she’s waiting for. Man-wol (LEE JI-EUN) can’t understand why Chan-sung is seeing into her past. He guesses that he has come into her life to help resolve some things and touches a branch of the lifeless looking tree, making soft green leaves bloom over every branch. Man-wol remembers Mago telling her that when the tree blooms again, the time that has been stuck for her will start flowing again and muses that Chan-sung might be even more special than she thought.

Grim Reaper (KANG HONG-SEOK) haggles with an old man who has died but is refusing to go because he doesn’t want to leave his dog alone. Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) asks him not to push the old man but open up the road for him only slightly, the way she’s doing with Man-wol.

Man-wol is angry and embarrassed that Chan-sung can glimpse into her past. She insists on confirming what he said, magically transports him to a bedroom and orders him to “sleep with her,” leaving Chan-sung flustered. He resists her attempts to make him fall asleep until Man-wol gets annoyed enough to leave him alone.

He finds her in the office, drinking wine straight from the bottle, asks if the memory he brought back was painful. When he is curious about the man in the dream, Man-wol asks if he thinks he’s that man’s reincarnation. Chan-sung can think of no other reason for the dreams—they feel like memories from a past life. Man-wol feels his heartbeat again and announces if he was that guy, she would feel something. When Chan-sung doesn’t stop hounding her with questions, a frustrated Man-wol punishes him by asking him to receive the guests.

That is how Chan-sung ends up facing a particularly gruesome ghost, unable to utter a word in greeting. He visits Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) at the bar, where the ghosts are less gruesome. He’s curious about how the hotel replenishes their stores of foods and beverages if they can’t buy anything from the outside, and Sun-bi explains that when the spirits leave, they leave behind good energy, which makes the flowers in their garden bloom. Mago then collects those flowers and sends them supplies in return. Chan-sung wonders why Man-wol takes money from the spirits, and Sun-bi looks around before answering in a whisper that it’s all for her lavish lifestyle.

Standing in front of the mystical tree, Man-wol wonders if Mago is playing a trick on her by making Chan-sung see her past. She thinks about Chung-myung (LEE DO-HYUN) again and this time, remembers being saved by him from the men he commanded as captain of the guard. He had bandaged her torn up leg, and when her partner, Yeon-woo (LEE TAE-SUN), had been captured by his men, he had promised to rescue Yeon-woo. Later, she’s at a riverside when Chung-myung brought an injured Yeon-woo back to her, keeping his promise. Man-wol looks at the tree and remarks that it looks gaudy, chucking a glass at it, but an invisible shield around the tree blocks and shatters the glass.

On his commute back home, Chan-sung remembers the name of one of the two men in his dream—Yeon-woo. He briefly shuts his eyes to rest, but when he opens them again, Mago is standing in front of him. He notices her basket of flowers and asks to buy one, but she mysteriously informs him that she’s already given him his flower. She proceeds to discuss his father and the hotel with him, and when Chan-sung wonders if she’s behind him crossing paths with Man-wol, she replies that she just opened the road slightly. Before leaving, she instructs him to take care of a tree with wild branches that she planted and gives him her card should he have any questions about caring for the tree. Chan-sung stares at the card, but when he looks up, Mago has vanished.

Chan-sung leaves the train on the next station and searches long and hard for the old woman. He stops near a sign that says ‘Samchodeon Line’, with an image of a car with wings. Near the sign, an old man sits on the branch, waiting for something and holding the white flower Chan-sung saw in Mago’s basket. The old man gets into a black car with ‘bound to heaven’ written on its number plate. Before he can leave, however, Chan-sung notices a dog following the car and makes them stop. It turns out that the dog the old man was unwilling to leave behind has also died and come to follow him into afterlife. The old man takes his pet in his arms and together they get into the car and leave. Grim Reaper watches Chan-sung appreciatively from a distance while Chan-sung comes to the realization that the old lady was Mago.

The scene shifts to a baker kneading dough in the kitchen of his bakery. He feels someone’s hands over his and runs out in terror. Chan-sung’s friend Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) wakes him up to try a bread he has brought from a bakery famous for being haunted. Chan-sung whines about Sanchez mentioning ghosts and ends up spitting out his water when he sees the blind woman’s ghost in front of him. He doesn’t understand why she’s followed him again and dejectedly announces that he has to go back to work.

Back at the hotel, Chan-sung tries to make a hungover Man-wol sign an order delaying the blind woman’s passage to afterlife. Man-wol thinks that the spirit’s reason for wanting to see the man she liked before passing is bullshit, especially since she used to be blind and can only recognize someone through touch. Chan-sung points out that if the spirit can’t recognize her love by touching him, then Man-wol can’t be sure that he’s not the reincarnation of her past love either.

Chan-sung proceeds to grab Man-wol’s hand and make her sign the document, in an imitation of the guard teaching her to write. He gives her some water and is unusually caring, even talking about making the old tree bloom, which annoys Man-wol and she mock fires him. Chan-sung refuses to accept the termination, pointing out how much she needs him and Man-wol stomps away in anger.

Chan-sung brings the blind woman’s spirit to the bakery. She tells him about a nice baker who used to hold her hand and make her feel the bread, back when she visited the bakery as a living woman. Because she doesn’t know the baker’s name or face, Chan-sung lends her his body so she can touch the hands of all the bakers and figure out which one she liked. It leads to a bizarre situation, with Chan-sung touching the hands of all the men at the bakery. Fed up, they corner him to ask what he’s up to until Sanchez arrives and bails him out. Sanchez reveals that he knows everyone who works at the bakery and can help him find the guy he’s looking for.

Hotel del Luna’s staff is surprised to see the ancient tree sprouting leaves. They worry that changes in the tree mean Man-wol’s punishment is nearing its end, because if she leaves the hotel, they will have to leave too, without fulfilling their reasons for staying on. Together, they decide to do something about the reason for these changes to the tree—Chan-sung.

Chansung takes the blind woman’s ghost to another bakery, which is where the baker she likes has moved to. Once again, he lends her his body, and this time when he touches the hand of the baker, it feels right. Chan-sung leaves the spirit to spend some time at the bakery. He finds Man-wol waiting for him outside, who drags him to Sanchez’s restaurant. Chan-sung introduces Man-wol as someone he works with, but Sanchez, assuming she’s a mere employee, starts to bitch about Hotel del Luna’s “horrible boss.”

As the blind woman’s love-struck ghost observes the baker, Man-wol reveals that ghosts often get their memories mixed up if they’ve been wandering for a while. And the memories they remember strongly tend to be about their death. Which makes the blind woman’s ghost remembering the touch of the baker’s hands very suspicious. Oh no. As Chan-sung realizes the truth, the blind woman’s spirit also remembers how she died—being hit by the same baker’s motorbike. She had laid bleeding on the road and asked him to help, but after briefly touching her hands, the baker had run away.

As her memory returns, the blind woman turns into a vengeful spirit again, and gets on the baker’s motorbike. Chan-sung runs out of the restaurant to stop the spirit from what she’s planning to do. He sees her sitting behind the baker riding his motorbike and runs right in front of them. The baker swerves to avoid Chan-sung and falls. Chan-sung punches the guy, and stops the spirit from doing anything that will hinder her passage to heaven, promising to make sure the baker would pay for killing her. The blind woman’s spirit lets go of her wrath and Chan-sung heads to the police station to report the guy. When it’s time for the spirit to head to heaven, Chan-sung personally sends her off. Once again, Grim Reaper looks at him appreciatively.

Buoyed by his good experience with one spirit, Chan-sung becomes warm towards the other spirits in the hotel. Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) and Sun-bi discuss their concerns about Chan-sung with Man-wol, who confirms that Chan-sung is there to help end her punishment. Sun-bi wants her to fire Chan-sung and bring in their 4th candidate to work as the manager, who happens to be none other than Soo-jeong (MINA), now living in Kim Yu-na’s body. Seo-hee suggests sending Chan-sung to Room 13, which is occupied by a guest that hates the sound of a human’s breathing and makes a human go mad. Man-wol agrees.

She finds Chan-sung sleeping peacefully in the garden, leaning against the ancient tree. She talks aloud about hating that he can see into her, and he wakes up to tease Man-wol for watching him sleep. She warns that he’ll have to pay a price for babbling to her, but he stumps her by announcing that he trusts her to protect him. He points out that she even saved him when he stepped in front of the motorcycle, which she vehemently denies.

Seo-hee asks Chan-sung for help with a long term guest as Sun-bi hands him an incense stick to burn in Room 13. Chan-sung is confident he can handle the ghost. When he opens the door, however, he’s led through a series of spooky tunnels before coming across a room with a single wooden wardrobe inside. He lights the incense stick and is about to leave when he hears ominous noises from inside the wardrobe. He turns around to see a red-eyed ghost surfacing, but Man-wol suddenly arrives and orders him not to look at it, or let it hear the sound of his breathing. When it looks like he’ll fail to do both, Man-wol grabs his face and kisses him to distract him.


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