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Jang Man-wol (IU) announces that if Chan-sung tries running from her, she’ll kill him. Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) goes looking for the guy who stabbed Man-wol but finds only ashes. A hand rises out of the smoldering ashes and grabs his shoe, making him jump back in fear. Man-wol advises Chan-sung to be careful of vengeful spirits and drags him to a mall to buy him new shoes. A cleaner with ‘death’ written on his uniform vacuums the ashes.

Despite Chan-sung’s protests, Man-wol buys fancy shoes for him and asks him to come to work wearing it. Chan-sung can’t understand what the purpose of a hotel for ghosts is, and Man-wol informs him that her staff fulfill the requests of spirits who died with regrets.

At the scene of a car accident, the grim reaper (KANG HONG-SEOK) informs the dead man’s spirit (named Kim Byeon-du) that he’s here to escort him. He sends Kim Byeon-du off in a car whose number plate reads “To Heaven.” The old woman from the inn, who’s now a flower seller, arrives at the scene to wish the man a safe passage to afterlife. The scene shifts to a long bridge over the river of death, on which several people cross to the afterlife holding the old woman’s flowers. Kim Byeon-du suddenly stops walking, and we hear Man-wol’s voice explain that sometimes, souls become lost and are unable to cross over. Chan-sung asks which side of the bridge Man-wol is on, since she’s neither alive nor a ghost, but the appearance of the blind ghost shuts him up. Man-wol seems disturbed by his question and leaves.

In a park, a woman feeds stray cats with her daughter. The little girl is distracted by a shadow and follows it, coming to a stop in front of a huge tiger which she calls ‘big kitty’. Her mother comes running and we realize that she can’t see the tiger like her daughter can. Man-wol stands in front of the ancient tree in the hotel and wonders if it’s alive, because it hasn’t produced leaves or flowers for centuries. Manager Noh (JUNG DONG-HWAN) tells her that the tree contains her spirit. Suddenly, she announces that a special guest has arrived and goes to greet it. We see the huge tiger walk towards the hotel, but instead of going in, it keeps walking. Man-wol remarks how dangerous it is for a spirit like the tiger’s to walk around without a body.

Chan-sung’s friend wants to throw him a party to celebrate his return to Korea, but Chan-sung is in no mood to celebrate and sulkily stares at Man-wol’s letter and the blind ghost who is now following him everywhere.

The next day, Chan-sung shows up at Hotel Del Luna and notes that it’s not as grand as his father told him. He’s greeted by the concierge/front desk staff Ji Hyun-joong (P.O) and explains that he’s not a guest, showing Hyun-joong the letter from Man-wol. Hyun-joong addresses him as Mr. Manager and leads him to Manager Noh, who brings him to Man-wol’s office. Chan-sung is curious if Manager Noh is also a spirit, but the man reveals he’s just as human as Chan-sung is.

In Man-wol’s office, Chan-sung is stunned when he looks at her photos from all the years she’s been in charge of the hotel. Manager Noh reveals that he’s worked at the hotel for 30 years, and he’s the only one who can age among the staff. When he announces that it’s time for Chan-sung to take his place, Chan-sung grows nervous. Man-wol arrives, and hearing Chan-sung still trying to get out of working for her, threatens to send more ghosts his way. Chan-sung pointedly asks what services does a hotel for ghosts offer, and Man-wol replies that spirits need healing before passing into afterlife. We see a hotel staff, Choi Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN), go from room to room attending to the guests. Each room differs in style, climate, and facilities according to the guests’ demands—be it a library or a mountainside.

Chan-sung doesn’t understand why a hotel for ghosts needs a human manager and Man-wol runs him through a list of things only a human can do for them. Chan-sung changes tactics, offering to pay back the money she gave his father to raise him. Man-wol takes the money, and Chan-sung assumes that he’s free to go. On his way out, however, he sees another ghost and rushes back to Man-wol, demanding that she restore his sight to normal. Man-wol just asks that, since he can’t stop seeing the ghosts and live a normal life anymore, he just work at her hotel. Chan-sung hides behind her as she steps out. Hotel del Luna’s bartender, Kim Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN), is unsure if Chan-sung will be able to take Manager Noh’s place, but Manager Noh is hopeful because Chan-sung doesn’t seem afraid of Man-wol.

Chan-sung drives Man-wol in one of her fancy cars and laughs when he sees someone like her wearing a seat belt. He asks where they’re going and now it’s her turn to laugh. She informs him that they’re going to catch a tiger and the color drains from his face. They stand in front of a tiger’s sculpture at an exhibition and Man-wol grows wistful when she realizes that the dead tiger is being kept alive like this. Chan-sung remembers her words from the other day: “I’m not dead yet, I’m just here.”

We see a man having recurring nightmares about the tiger as Chan-sung reveals that the chairman of the hotel which hired him brought back a tiger from North Korea, as a token of friendship. While sending off another guest to the afterlife in the black limo, Manager Noh informs the grim reaper of his retirement plans, but gets told that he doesn’t have much time left.

Chan-sung and Man-wol are at yet another restaurant, and Chan-sung mentions how he already has a job offer from a top hotel. Man-wol again points out that he can see ghosts now and can’t work anywhere except her hotel. Chan-sung defiantly says that he’ll learn to ignore the ghosts, and Man-wol sets him a challenge to get her coffee without spilling, while dodging about 100 ghosts in his way. Chan-sung manages to succeed and Man-wol leaves, feeling annoyed.

Manager Noh says his goodbyes to Hotel del Luna’s staff. They wonder who will control Man-wol’s temper when Noh leaves. Man-wol storms in and Noh asks her permission to leave. Sure that Chan-sung won’t last at his new job, Man-wol lets him leave. Man-wol’s staff wonder how she can let Manager Noh leave without a word of acknowledgement for his years of service.

At his new job, Chan-sung immediately runs into a ghost and has to work very hard to ignore him. He gets spotted by his manager, who wants to introduce him to some VIP clients, but right then, the blind ghost reappears. Unable to decide between making a sound and being caught by the ghost and greeting his manager, Chan-sung ends up jumping into the swimming pool. Man-wol turns up to tease him as he sits alone by the poolside, completely drenched. She’s on her way to find out what happened to the tiger and drags him along.

They end up at the house of Chairman Hwang who owns the hotel where he is working. Chan-sung is against going in, but Man-wol instructs him to introduce himself as a new employee. As Chan-sung makes small talk, Man-wol enters Chairman Hwang’s bedroom and asks about the painting of Mount Baekdu. The man explains how he received the painting as a gift from North Korea, along with a tiger, who never mated and died alone. As Chan-sung spots the shadow of a huge tiger, all the glass in the room shatter to pieces.

Man-wol makes an excuse to visit another fancy restaurant with Chan-sung, and informs him that the tiger’s spirit is waiting for the Chairman to die. Chan-sung wants to help the man, so Man-wol asks him to get her the North Korean painting in return. Enraged at her ways, Chan-sung leaves, refusing to perform extortion. He meets the blind ghost on his way home and challenges her to take her glasses off, saying he’s not afraid anymore. He finds Manager Noh waiting for him at his friend’s place, who advises him to not judge Man-wol using human logic and find joy in a job that opens up a secret world for him. When Chan-sung’s friend drops by to ask whom he is talking to, Chan-sung realizes that Manager Noh is a ghost now.

Concierge Hyun-joong (P.O) informs Man-wol that Manager Noh has returned to the hotel as a guest. When she goes to say goodbye, Noh tells her that had ne not met Man-wol, he wouldn’t have got to live a meaningful life by serving the guests of the hotel. Man-wol tears up and apologizes that he never got to create a family, but Noh says that in the years he worked for her, she became his family. He leaves with the wish that the time that has stopped for Man-wol starts passing again.

Chan-sung realises that Man-wol wanted Chairman Hwang’s painting not because it was worth a lot, but because it was the tiger’s home and they were a set. At the hotel, Man-wol tells the tiger’s spirit to rest, and it crosses over into the painting that depicts its home. Chan-sung bumps into the blind ghost, but this time, instead of ignoring her, he drops her at Hotel del Luna and helps her see in the process.

The next day, Chan-sung texts an apology to Man-wol for misunderstanding her. He crosses paths with a dangerous warrior spirit at his hotel hotel, which soon begins attacking him. Man-wol shows up to rescue Chan-sung and he passes out. Suddenly, we are transported to a flashback from Man-wol’s life as human as she talks to someone about wanting to settle in one place like a tree. Chan-sung wakes up in Man-wol’s office, and Hyun-joong comes to inform him that Man-wol is waiting for him. This is Chan-sung’s first time in the hotel at night, and he’s in awe of how grand the hotel is. He remembers Manager Noh’s words about a secret world. As Mon-wol descends the stairs looking gorgeous, Chan-sung’s gaze doesn’t leave her.


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