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Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN), Hyun-joong (P.O), and Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN), now convinced that Manwol won’t return, lament not getting to say goodbye to her. They make a pact to not leave without saying goodbye to each other. Sun-bi believes that the hotel is getting a new owner.

Reaper (KANG HONG-SUK) informs them that Goddess Mago is preparing her special alcohol. When someone with resentment drinks the alcohol, living energy saps out of them and their spirit escapes reality, ties itself to the moon spirit tree, and they become the owner of the inn.

Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) discovers that the most important ingredient of the alcohol, moongrass, is missing. She remembers seeing moongrass in the inn’s garden around 200 years back and plans to send someone back in time to retrieve it.

Seo-hee gives Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) the medicine that will help him forget Man-wol (IU) since she believes her boss isn’t coming back. Chan-sung remembers the time he spent with Man-wol and once again, returns the medicine to its box.

He runs into Mago, who asks him to go back in time to pick moongrass from the Hotel del Luna of that time. When Chan-sung realizes that he’ll be able to see Man-wol, he agrees to go. The goddess forbids him from eating or drinking anything there, or he won’t be able to come back.

Chan-sung goes back 200 years to the Joseon era and sees Seo-hee and Sun-bi working for the inn. He bumps into Man-wol, who is back to her distrustful self and doesn’t recognize him. Chan-sung discovers that Man-wol has taken to gambling to deal with financial troubles. Mago’s homeless avatar, known to be a symbol of bad luck, is staying at the hotel. Man-wol admits that she is not allowed to kick a god out, and has no option but to gamble to make money. Chan-sung convinces the homeless Mago to leave the inn after an intense game of baduk.

Later, Man-wol offers him a drink and asks him to be her human superintendent. Chan-sung is tempted to stay but explains that he’s waiting for someone he loves and leaves with the moongrass. Chan-sung returns to the present and hands Mago the ingredient. She informs him that Man-wol has returned. Chan-sung rushes towards the tunnel and finds Man-wol getting down from the car. He hugs her fiercely, and when Sun-bi, Seo-hee, and Hyun-joong get there, they join the two in a group hug. Aww.

The hotel staff discusses how Man-wol has lost her memories of the person she was escorting because the oldest ones are the first to go. Meanwhile, Man-wol assures Chan-sung that her memories of him are safe. He proceeds to test her and recounts his visit to her 200 years ago.

Yu-na (MINA) finds out that Hyun-joong’s sister is in danger and rushes to the hospital to find Hyun-joong already there. Hyun-mi is still alive, but Hyun-joong looks at the man who is impersonating him and mutters, “You must be disappointed.” It is revealed that the man and Hyun-joong used to be best friends in high school.

Yu-na brings the fake Ji Hyun-joong to the hotel as Man-wol tells the rest of the staff that Hyun-joong used his sister to torment the man who shot him. Hyun-joong runs away on seeing his old friend. It is revealed that when Hyun-joong was getting his sister to safety during the war, he had bumped into his high school friend, who happened to be a North Korean deserter. The man had accidentally shot Hyun-joong, but honored his promise to bring Hyun-mi to safety. He had then proceeded to assume Hyun-joong’s identity and taken care of Hyun-mi his whole life.

Hyun-joong doesn’t intend to forgive his friend, but Man-wol convinces him to listen to the man’s side of the story and let go of resentment. After Hyun-joong meets his old friend and decides to forgive him, Man-wol holds a small graduation ceremony for Hyun-joong at his old school, which is attended by all the ghosts from the hotel. Hotel Del Luna’s guests and staff have a group dinner at Sanchez’s (JO HYUN-CHUL) restaurant, and Chan-sung fills his friend in about the unusual hotel he works at.

Man-wol shares with Seo-hee that she’s no longer bound to the moon spirit tree and the hotel is getting a new owner. Chan-sung informs Seo-hee that Yun family’s heir’s girlfriend is due to give birth soon. She asks him not to worry about her turning into an evil ghost, and also reveals that Man-wol isn’t bound to the hotel by the tree now, but instead by him.

Man-wol brings out an old camera and the hotel staff take group pictures with her and Chan-sung. Hyun-joong tells Yu-na that when a new moon spirit appears, the old Hotel del Luna will disappear, along with him. Distressed that she’ll be left alone, Yu-na finds Mago’s address in Chan-sung’s office and decides to visit her.

Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA) tells Sanchez that she’s moving in with Young-su (LEE TAE-SUN). An author, who died before releasing his newest work, visits the hotel as a guest. The story of his latest novel is a bit too similar to Sun-bi’s story—a first-place rank holder loses his status after he is caught writing lewd stories. This unnerves Sun-bi.

At Mago’s apothecary, Yu-na finds the alcohol she has been brewing for the inn’s new owner and steals it. She gives the bottle of liquor to Man-wol and asks her to become the hotel’s owner again. Mago tells Chan-sung that if Man-wol drinks the alcohol, she will retain ownership of the hotel and they will be able to stay together. She leaves the final choice with Chan-sung.

Chan-sung returns to the hotel and asks Man-wol to not drink the alcohol because he doesn’t want her to slip back into a meaningless life again. She knew that’s the choice Chan-sung would make and pours the alcohol down from the sky bar. Man-wol and Chan-sung confess their love for each other, hold hands, and gaze at the moon together.

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