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In a flashback—Chung-myung (LEE DO-HYUN) asks his soldiers to gather the belongings of all the members of Man-wol’s clan and hold a funeral for them. He puts the moon hairpin he wanted to give Man-wol (IU) in the box.

Trapped in the tunnel, Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) sees the firefly. We briefly see a silhouette that looks like Chung-myung before Chan-sung passes out. Man-wol spots him walking out of the tunnel and hugs him. When he caresses her head like Chung-myung used to, she draws back in anger. The rest of the hotel staff get there and express relief at Chan-sung being okay. He has a brief moment of feeling faint and can’t seem to remember how he got out.

Man-wol is shocked by the possibility that Chan-sung might be the reincarnated Chung-myung. She remembers Goddess Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) saying that Chan-sung will be the one to bring Chung-myung to her. Meanwhile, Mago tells the firefly aka Chung-myung that because he turned back from the afterlife, he has lost his strength.

Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) and Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) seem to think that Chan-sung lost his memories in the tunnel. Man-wol checks his heartbeat and is relieved to find out that Chan-sung is still human. He tells her about the dream of Chung-myung waiting for her with the moon hairpin. Man-wol denies any knowledge of the hairpin, and once again, wonders if Chan-sung is Chung-myung.

Yu-na (MINA) and Hyun-joong (P.O) bring the little boy, who got lost in the hotel, back to his father. Hyun-joong tries to tell Yu-na that he would be leaving for the afterlife soon. Yu-na sees Hyun-joong’s little sister Hyun-mi and, with a shock, finds out that Hyun-mi is calling the man who shares Hyun-joong’s name her brother. Hyun-joong drags Yu-na away before she can pry further. The fake Ji Hyun-joong wonders how Yu-na knows that the real Hyun-joong died, while Yu-na realizes that someone else stole Hyun-joong’s life just like she stole the real Kim Yu-na’s life.

Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) hangs out with Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA), Young-su (LEE TAE-SUN), and Young-su’s friends, who are all having a picnic at his house. He tells Chan-sung that the company is keeping him from being sad. Seo-hee asks if Chan-sung was related to Man-wol in past life, and finds it odd when he denies. She surmises that Chan-sung, the man Man-wol loves, will bring her the man who caused her pain.

Mago hands Man-wol the moon hairpin from Chung-myung, which is now caked with dried blood. Man-wol wants to know if Chan-sung is Chung-myung, but Mago says it’s her choice—if she wants to see the man she has hated for a thousand years or the man she loves at present.

When Man-wol sees Chan-sung next, she imagines being unable to control her anger and stabbing Chan-sung’s heart with the moon hairpin, which has turned into a knife. Seo-hee finds her looking pale and Man-wol confesses that she killed Chan-sung in her mind. Terrified by her own anger, Man-wol decides to take Mago’s advice of letting go of hate. She shows the hairpin to Chan-sung, who recognizes it from his dream.

The Reaper (KANG HONG-SUK) asks Chan-sung to be a bait and help him catch Seol Ji-won (LEE DAVID). Chan-sung asks Reaper who the hotel’s first guest was, and is told that the first guest hasn’t been able to leave yet and no one knows of his presence. In Goddess Mago’s apothecary, the firefly flutters in a jar by her side.

Using the hate and anger from her past, Man-wol constructs a curse similar to the one she created for Mi-ra and puts it in the moon hairpin. She visits Seol Ji-won’s malevolent spirit and feeds him the curse.

Reaper and Chan-sung come to catch Ji-won, but find Man-wol instead, who informs them that she made the spirit stronger by feeding it all her resentment. She confesses that she can’t kill Chan-sung because she likes him, but she won’t protect him from the spirit either. She trusts that Mago will protect Chan-sung and punish her for helping Ji-won.

Chan-sung returns to Hotel del Luna to convince Man-wol to give this self-destructive mission. He finds that the hotel is experiencing a power outage, and Man-wol has blocked the entrance to the garden with the ancient tree. Mago’s policewoman form appears in front of Man-wol.

Chan-sung visits Mago in the apothecary to ask if he’s really Chung-myung’s reincarnation. Mago reveals that the firefly is Chung-myung and the first guest. Chan-sung wants to take him to Man-wol, but the goddess asks him to stop Man-wol from disintegrating first, by finding the object she put her curse in. Chan-sung finds Ji-won and tricks him into giving him the moon hairpin back. Meanwhile, Seo-hee, Sun-bi, and Hyun-joong team up with the Reaper to catch Ji-won.

Man-wol asks Mago to extinguish her, but Chansung gets there in time and returns the moon hairpin. Man-wol still wants to die, so Chan-sung hands her the pin—which has now turned into a sword—and asks her to kill him. Man-wol can’t bring herself to hurt Chan-sung, who then convinces her to listen to Chung-myung’s side of the story.

Seo-hee leads Ji-won’s spirit to room no. 666, where the victims he murdered are waiting for him. She listens to Ji-won’s screams from outside. Man-wol invites Young-su and Mi-ra to the hotel. Sun-bi serves them magical drinks that that will take them back to their past lives. Chan-sung tells Man-wol that she will now be able to see the lives of people she had past relationships with.

Mi-ra goes back to the day she caught Chung-myung waiting for Man-wol and blackmailed him into killing half of Man-wol’s clan. Young-su remembers the day he was captured by Chung-myung and made him promise to live as a traitor so that Man-wol could live.

Mago tells Man-wol that Chung-myung has always been by her side, as her first guest, and will show himself when she utters his name. Man-wol calls out Chung-myung’s name and he appears before her. She tells him she has let go of her grudge and asks him to go to the afterlife. Chung-myung turns back into a firefly, and Mago informs Man-wol that her last punishment is to send him off because he’s not strong enough to cross the bridge on his own.

Exhausted and overwhelmed, Man-wol drags herself to her room and leans on Chan-sung’s shoulder. Chan-sung holds her hand to comfort her. Mi-ra and Young-su wake up in a taxi. Yu-na informs them that they had passed out from drinking too much. Young-su feels the emotional build up of the memories from his past life and tears up. Mi-ra hugs him.

Hyun-joong finally tells Yu-na that he plans to depart to the afterlife with his sister. Man-wol leaves to escort Chung-myung to the afterlife bridge, while Chan-sung worries that she won’t come back.

We fast forward to one month later. In Man-wol’s absence, Chan-sung cares for Hotel del Luna’s guests. Sun-bi and Seo-hee wonder how the hotel is the same despite Man-wol gone, and surmise that she must not be the owner anymore. The ancient moon spirit tree is completely barren now. Every night, Chan-sung waits for Man-wol by the tunnel that leads to the afterlife.

Sun-bi, Seo-hee, and Hyun-joong tell Reaper that they’re against the hotel getting a new boss, confident that Man-wol will return for Chan-sung. Reaper points out that Man-wol could have lost her memories of Chan-sung on the bridge to the afterlife. We see Man-wol walking alongside Chung-myung on the bridge. He extends his hand for her to take.

Chan-sung sees Kim Joon-hyun on a poster and remembers Man-wol. Scared that she won’t return, he breaks down. Mago tells Reaper that while Man-wol’s tree is completely barren, one flower remains—the one she put inside Chan-sung’s heart. On the bridge, Man-wol turns away from Chung-myung.

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