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Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) reminds Hyun-joong (P.O) to tell Yu-na (MINA) that he would be leaving when his sister passes away. The hotel has a new guest—the last male heir of the family that was responsible for Seo-hee’s daughter’s death. Seo-hee decides to go to his funeral to confirm that he died without leaving a male heir.

Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) wants Man-wol to apologize to Sanchez and tell him that Veronica has crossed the bridge to the afterlife safely. Man-wol (IU) reveals that in the 49 days it takes for the spirits to cross the bridge to the afterlife, they forget every memory from their past life. At this, Chan-sung looks sad, but Man-wol promises to protect her memories of him and they hold hands.

Hyun-joong informs Man-wol and Chan-sung about Seo-hee’s odd behavior. He worries that what happened 42 years ago will happen again. In a flashback, we see that Seo-hee had almost turned into a vengeful spirit when the descendants of her husband—the Yun family—tried to desecrate her daughter’s grave.

At the funeral, Seo-hee finds out that the male heir left a pregnant girlfriend behind, which means that the Yun family’s tree has a possibility of continuing. She returns to the hotel and thinks back to the day her baby girl died.

Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) asks Man-wol if she can make the flowers on her tree stop withering and stop time again. Chan-sung puts on the leopard print suit from Man-wol to cheer Seo-hee up but to no avail. Man-wol watches him with Seo-hee and tells Sun-bi that she can’t stop time anymore because of how much she likes him.

Chan-sung wants to know how it’s possible for Seo-hee to hold a grudge even after 200 years. Man-wol explains that time doesn’t mean anything to a dead person. She asks him to cheer her up when she comes face-to-face with her grudge, the same way he helped Seo-hee.

Sun-bi and Hyun-joong watch the ancient tree and observe the firefly fluttering about the tree. We flashback to all the years Man-wol has been at the hotel and how the firefly has stayed by her side. Goddess Mago’s voice narrates, “She’ll be able to see him now. I wonder if she’ll hear his side of the story.”

Man-wol and Chan-sung visit the woman bearing Yun family’s possible last heir. While Man-wol makes plans to make the child disappear, Chan-sung helps the woman. They bump into one of Mago’s forms—the goddess of money—whom Man-wol is pally with. The goddess leaves Chan-sung with orders to take care of the hotel’s first guest.

Sun-bi asks the Reaper (KANG HONG-SUK) about the guest in the hotel whom Man-wol and the rest of the employees don’t know about—the firefly. He wants to know when Reaper will finally catch Seol Ji-won’s (DAVID LEE) vengeful spirit since Ji-won’s victims are waiting.

Meanwhile, Ji-won’s spirit stalks all of Chan-sung’s friends, from Yu-na to Mi-ra to Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL). The Reaper saves Sanchez from an attempt on his life by Ji-won and informs Man-wol, who then visits Sanchez with incense and asks him to stay away from the dark. She realizes that Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA) is also in danger and decides not to help her, but she can’t stop feeling guilty when she meets Chan-sung.

The pregnant girlfriend of Yun family’s heir gets into an accident while working and bleeds out on the street. The heir’s spirit, in order to save his girlfriend and child, asks Seo-hee for help. Seo-hee has no intention of sending help, so Man-wol asks her to watch the woman bleed. As she watches the pregnant woman calls for help for her unborn child, Seo-hee is reminded of her daughter and ends up saving the woman.

Later, when Chan-sung informs her that the mother and child are safe, she tells her story of how her daughter died—her husband’s family had wanted a boy to keep the bloodline going, so they took her daughter and let her starve to death. By the time Seo-hee found her baby, she had died. Seo-hee lost her mind and was eventually murdered by her husband’s men, but not before she had cursed the Yun family with the death of their family line.

Young-su (LEE TAE-SUN) is late for a movie date with Mi-ra. In the dark movie hall, Ji-won appears behind Mi-ra. Man-wol decides to tell Chan-sung that Mi-ra might be in danger. Together, they find Mi-ra and realize that Ji-won was there. Young-su walks into the theatre and falls down the stairs after being startled by Ji-won, who disappears before Man-wol can catch him. She’s stunned to realize that Mi-ra and Young-su, who were enemies in past life, are dating.

Chan-sung asks Man-wol if she succeeded in killing Chung-myung (LEE DO-HYUN) that night. In a flashback, we see that it was Chung-myung who had stabbed himself with Man-wol’s sword while promising to watch over her. She had proceeded to burn the palace down and went in search of the inn. Man-wol confesses that all these years, she has been waiting for Chung-myung to drag him to the bottom, turn into a vengeful ghost, and disappear. Chan-sung promises to bring her up from the bottom and hugs her.

A little boy asks a bus driver to go to Hotel del Luna. Sun-bi sees Seo-hee walk to the black car that carries the guests to the afterlife, and panics that she’s leaving too. Hilariously, she informs him that she’s just cleaning. Yu-na and Hyun-joong are in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel when the little boy arrives at the hotel and goes inside, unnoticed. Seo-hee realizes the boy is alive. We find out that the boy’s mother stayed at the hotel and that he saw it in a dream. Seo-hee informs Chan-sung about it, but the boy disappears and they split up to look for him.

Chan-sung follows the boy into the tunnel that leads to the afterlife platform. He keeps walking but the tunnel is endless. Sun-bi finds the boy wandering through the hotel. When Man-wol hears that Chan-sung went into the tunnel, she panics because humans can’t escape from it.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung is about to pass out from exhaustion when he sees the firefly aka Chung-myung’s spirit. Man-wol is about to walk into the tunnel to find Chan-sung when she spots him walking out. She runs to hug him, but he caresses her head in the exact way that Chung-myung had, before dying. Man-wol’s eyes flash and she draws back, asking Chan-sung who he is.

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