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Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) plants the fear of losing Chan-sung in Man-wol’s head, making her worry. Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO), meanwhile, tries to act normal with Ji-won in a wine bar. When Ji-won leaves to get wine, Chan-sung asks the ghost who’s been following Ji-won if he killed her.

Ji-won (LEE DAVID) returns with a syringe full of drugs and finds Chan-sung in an isolated room. Chan-sung bluntly asks if Ji-won is a murderer, to which the latter responds by attacking Chan-sung with the syringe.

Unable to reach Chan-sung, Man-wol (IU) panics. Yu-na (MINA) sees an ambulance outside Ji-won’s place and assuming the worst, calls Hyun-joong (P.O), who in turn informs Man-wol and the rest that Chan-sung might be dead.

Chan-sung walks into the hotel and Man-wol approaches him in tears, assuming that he’s returned as a ghost. She checks his heartbeat and lunges at Hyun-joong for scaring her. Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN), Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN), and Hyun-joong take turns hugging their favorite manager.

Chan-sung recounts how he had approached Ji-won only after calling Detective Young-su (LEE TAE-SUN) for help. Cornered, Ji-won had hurt himself and had been taken to the hospital. Man-wol buys an entire pharmacy to treat Chan-sung’s wounds. He realizes that she was terrified for him and gives her a comforting hug.

Detective Young-su is confused about the phone call he received about Ji-won—from a woman who said she was one of his victims. Man-wol mentions that the flowers in her tree are falling and Chan-sung thinks that the time to send her off is coming close.

Ji-won runs away from his hospital room. He thinks back to Chan-sung revealing his secrets and saying that a ghost had told him. Ji-won, too, had felt a presence. He steals a patient’s phone. Chan-sung gets a call from Young-su, asking him to come to the hospital because Ji-won is threatening to jump from the building and only wants to speak to him.

When Chan-sung arrives at the hospital, Ji-won blames him for ruining his life. He’s confused when Chan-sung speaks to an invisible Man-wol and uploads a post cursing him on the hate post website Hell-o. Despite Chan-sung telling him to pay for his sins while he’s still alive, he jumps.

When Ji-won materializes as a vengeful ghost, Man-wol tries to destroy him but something keeps protecting him. He reveals that it’s the encouragement of the people who are liking his post about Chan-sung, as well his grudge against the man. Man-wol asks Chan-sung to stay by her side until Ji-won’s ghost is captured.

Yu-na visits the grave of Soo-jung, the girl she used to be, and places a portrait of Hyun-joong beside her photo. Hyun-joong tries to convince her to date a human instead, but Yu-na says that she likes him and they kiss.

Man-wol drags Chan-sung to an acupressure doctor’s clinic, revealing that she’s doing a job for the Reaper in return for him catching Ji-won’s vengeful spirit. The doctor (LEE SEUNG-JOON) is keeping alive someone who should have died years ago, and she’s there to kill that person.

Chan-sung shows the doctor an ad and tells him that he came for money. The doctor checks his lifeline and asks if he can cut some of it. Later, Man-wol reveals that the doctor is extending someone’s life by transplanting lifelines taken from other people. We see the doctor and his wife visit a sleeping child whose lifeline extends far below his wrist.

Mago and the Reaper discuss Man-wol’s impending journey to the afterlife. “You should go too,” she says to the firefly fluttering by the ancient tree. It’s the same firefly Chan-sung had seen when Hotel del Luna had disappeared. We flash back to Chung-myung deciding to live as a traitor to save Man-wol, as Mago reveals that a human spirit inhabits the firefly because of a promise he made to Man-wol.

Chan-sung meets the doctor for the lifeline surgery while Man-wol visits his son to reveal what his parents are doing. She asks him to make a decision. The doctor and wife rush to their child’s side and find him dead. The child’s ghost watches his parents and cries.

Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) returns from Veronica’s funeral with a request for Chan-sung. Chan-sung tries convincing Man-wol to pretend they can send messages to Veronica, but Man-wol gets angry, saying that she hates people being unable to let go. Chan-sung realizes that she’s talking about him being upset at sending her off. In tears, he admits that the idea of not being able to see her is driving him crazy. Man-wol confesses that she’s scared to leave him.

Chan-sung goes back to console Sanchez as Man-wol watches the flowers fall from her tree. Later that night, she visits Chan-sung and reminisces the first time she met him. He was the scared one back then, and now it’s her. Chan-sung tells her that he will handle his share of pain and asks her not to be scared. To give Chan-sung something to remember her by, Man-wol kisses him.

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