Hotel del Luna Episode 11 Recap

Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) dreams about Chung-myung (LEE DO-HYUN) waiting for Man-wol. He wakes up to a find a hideous leopard print suit from Man-wol (IU), which she bought using Chairman Wang’s payment for the dream phone call service.

Hotel del Luna’s staff is inundated with requests from ghosts wanting to use the service. When Man-wol points out that the service can be used to curse someone, Chan-sung personally selects ghosts with good intentions and convinces Man-wol not to charge them exorbitantly.

After a hilarious encounter with the ghost of a teenage girl who calls her favorite boy band member, Chan-sung and Man-wol are visited by a father-son duo who wants to call a truck driver who ran over them, not to curse him, but to say it was not his fault. Man-wol seems moved upon hearing their reason.

Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN), Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN), and Hyun-joong (P.O) look at the ancient tree bursting with flowers and resolve to cross over into the afterlife before Man-wol does.

Man-wol gets exhausted after connecting calls all day and Chan-sung surprises her with a reservation at a luxury restaurant. The two spend a lovely evening competing over who eats the most rice cakes and laughing.

Detective Young-su (LEE TAE-SUN) learns that the victims of the serial murders had hate posts about them on a website called Hell-o, where people got together to curse others.

Yu-na (MINA) visits the ghosts of the serial murder victims to confirm if the man arrested by the police is the culprit. When her doubts are proved true, she begins sketching the killer with inputs from them.

The killer, Seol Ji-won (LEE DAVID), gets his hand on Yu-na’s photo and begins looking for her. At her school, he learns that her classmates think she can see ghosts.

When Chan-sung finds out that Yu-na is trying to find the real killer, he forbids her from getting involved in the dangerous case and takes over. She tells him that she will send the sketch to him when she’s done.

Man-wol brings up Seo-hee’s daughter who died while trying to maintain a family’s line of succession. She warns Seo-hee not to repeat what she did 42 years ago and asks her to prepare for a special event—the lunar eclipse.

Some security guards drag Chan-sung to meet a woman called Moon-seok, who reveals that she used to be a manager at Hotel del Luna and asks Chan-sung to take her there.

At the hotel, Moon-seok is warmly greeted by everyone except Man-wol who seems less than thrilled. However, when Moon-seok gives her diamonds and asks for a favor, Man-wol cheers up and agrees.

Turns out that when the moon is hidden during a lunar eclipse, humans can see the hotel. Man-wol explains that during Moon-seok’s tenure as manager, she had allowed a newlywed couple to spend the night in the hotel during the eclipse. The couple had conceived a gifted son, who will soon become Moon-seok’s son-in-law. Moon-seok wishes for her daughter and son-in-law to also spend the night at the hotel.

Chan-sung wonders why human guests can only use Room 404 and wants to find out why. Meanwhile, the hotel staff is overjoyed at the prospect of serving human guests.

Chan-sung goes home to find Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) being in the middle of a lovey-dovey call with his girlfriend Veronica. He’s planning to propose to her and wants to do it at Hotel del Luna, but Chan-sung turns him down. Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA) walks out of the house loudly arguing with Young-su. Sanchez remarks that the two fight like enemies from their past lives. Chan-sung, who is aware of the truth, agrees.

On the day of the human guests’ arrival, Chan-sung oversees the arrangements at the hotel. He gives Man-wol a flower and teases her about their hug by the tree.

That night, as the lunar eclipse begins, the human newlyweds arrive at the hotel and enjoy its services. Man-wol is happy to see the full moon that she hates so much hidden by the eclipse.

Chan-sung thinks about his dream and wonders if Chung-myung was truly waiting for Man-wol. Seo-hee takes the human couple to Room 404 and asks them not to step out till its checkout time.

Sanchez is worried because Veronica hasn’t arrived. A woman in a bloody dress walks towards him, but it seems like he can’t see her. He gets a text and leaves as the woman at the table is revealed to be Veronica (SEO EUN-SOO).

Chan-sung rushes home to find Sanchez leaving to be with Veronica, who has met with an accident. He spots Veronica’s ghost and convinces a panicked Sanchez to come to his hotel to see Veronica one last time.

Chan-sung reveals the hotel’s secret to Sanchez, as well as the fact that Veronica is dead. Sanchez doesn’t believe Chan-sung until he sees Veronica’s ghost. The couple says tearful goodbyes. As Sanchez goes to hug Veronica one last time, the eclipse ends and she disappears.

The next morning, the human couple walk out of their room into a completely different hotel. So this is the secret of Room 404—it ensures that Hotel del Luna’s human guests can never find the hotel again.

Yu-na bumps into Seol Ji-won and decides to follow him. Chan-sung meets Moon-seok, who asks him to find her after sending off his final guest. Chan-sung tears up as he realizes he’ll have to let go of Man-wol soon.

Chan-sung and Man-wol make plans to meet, but Chan-sung rushes off to meet Yu-na when she calls saying she’s found the killer. It dawns on him that her sketch looks very similar to the Seol Ji-won he knows.

Man-wol is visited by Mago (SEO YI-SOOK), who asks how she would feel about losing Chan-sung. Chan-sung finds a ghost while looking for Ji-won. Mago reveals that the flowers on her tree will fall when she knows fear. Chan-sung comes face to face with Ji-won.


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