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Chan-sung (YEO JIN-GOO) chucks the medicine that will get rid of his ability to see ghosts into the pond, but the water god brings it back for him. Man-wol (LEE JI-EUN) wants Chan-sung to take it and live a normal life, but he plans to stay by her side and stop her from doing anything evil.

Chan-sung meets the Chairman’s granddaughter, Jae-in (cameo by SULLI), and offers to deliver her letter to the deceased man under guise of a special service. He brings Man-wol to a Kim Joon-hyun-verified restaurant to distract her but she insists that he go back. Chan-sung decides to make it difficult for her to get rid of him by following her to the hotel.

Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) informs Man-wol about the ghosts of the serial murder victims, whom Yu-na (MINA) brought as guests to the hotel. It was Hyun-joong (P.O) who had informed the police of the bodies buried in the forest, and Man-wol decides to let the police catch the killer, forbidding Yu-na to interfere with the investigation.

The detective in charge of the case (who looks a lot like Yeon-woo?) is mystified when he discovers that no person was caught on the security camera of the pay phone that was used by Hyun-joong to call the police. One of Mago’s (SEO YI-SOOK) forms visits the detective, handing him a knitted heart-shaped object and asking him to never lose it.

When Chan-sung goes to deliver the letter, the Chairman tries to set him up with Jae-in. Sun-bi (SHIN JUNG-GEUN) takes the chance to help the Chairman with his matchmaking and make money for Man-wol. Man-wol is furious when she discovers Sun-bi’s plans and hides Chan-sung before Sun-bi can slip him Jae-in’s number. Chan-sung says he will wait for Man-wol to officially call him back to work.

A man frantically searching for his wife discovers her dead body in his car. Cops arrive on the scene to arrest him while the real killer, Seol Ji-won (LEE DAVID), watches from his car with the ghost of the dead woman screaming behind him.

Sanchez (JO HYUN-CHUL) tells Yu-na about the time Seol Ji-won spread rumors about him being linked to a girl’s suicide, to the extent that Sanchez had thought of killing himself. It was Chan-sung who had helped him and mysteriously gotten rid of Ji-won. He forbids Mi-ra (PARK YOO-NA) from telling Chan-sung about the guy.

The Chairman uses Hotel del Luna’s special service to appear in Jae-in’s dream and plant the idea of dating Chan-sung in her mind. Man-wol doesn’t think Jae-in will go so far as to act on a dream, but as Jae-in chats with Chan-sung in a coffee shop and blushes, it looks like that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Yu-na sees photos of the man arrested for the serial murders and tells Hyun-joong that he isn’t the man she followed. Chan-sung visits Sanchez’s restaurant with Jae-in, who already knows Sanchez. Hyun-joong informs Yu-na that Chan-sung is going to be a son-in-law of Jae-in’s parents.

Man-wol considers calling Chan-sung back to work, but decides against it when Hyun-joong and Sun-bi excitedly talk about how happy Chan-sung looked in Jae-in’s company.

Two women visit a library to check out a book that’s rumored to be haunted by a ghost. The one who films the other taking the book out sees a woman’s ghost through her phone’s screen and passes out.

Mago’s fancy sister reveals that she has caused fates to entangle by bringing together enemies from past life. She watches with glee as the detective, who used to be Yeon-woo in his past life, bumps into Mi-ra, the woman who had caused Yeon-woo’s death. The two exchange numbers.

Chan-sung and Jae-in visit the haunted library, which was built by her grandfather. Man-wol brings the Chairman’s ghost to the library, but leaves after watching Chan-sung with Jae-in. Chan-sung realizes that he’s being set up with Jae-in and shows up beside a dejected-looking Man-wol. She cheers up when he reveals that he sold the Mount Baekdu painting. Jae-in tells her friend that she wanted to go out with Chan-sung but he likes someone else.

Chan-sung and Man-wol inspect the ghost at the library, who appears when Chan-sung takes the book out and asks him to destroy the photos hidden in the book. The photos turn out to be baby pictures of Chan-sung. With shock, he realizes that the ghost is his mother who had abandoned him. Man-wol tries to console Chan-sung, but can’t bring herself to do much.

A heartbroken Chan-sung winds up at Sanchez’s restaurant. Coincidentally, Mi-ra also chooses the restaurant for her date with Young-su, the detective. Chan-sung recognizes the detective as Yeon-woo, and this time, recognizes Mi-ra as Princess Song-hwa too.

Chan-sung goes back to the hotel to tell Man-wol about Yeon-woo and takes her to him. She watches him with tears in her eyes, relieved that he’s living well in this life, and thanks Chan-sung. Yeon-woo/Young-su briefly locks eyes with Man-wol and seems to remember her, but she turns around and leaves, and the spell breaks.

Seol Ji-won is burning his victims’ belongings when he remembers Yu-na’s truck following him. He learns through the company that owns the truck that it was booked by someone named Goo Chan-sung.

Chan-sung can’t bring himself to destroy the photos in his mother’s book. Man-wol visits the library to bring his mother’s ghost to the hotel in an attempt to comfort Chan-sung and officially reinstates him as manager. When Chan-sung returns to the hotel, it has moved back to its previous location. He gives his mother an emotional farewell.

Man-wol believes that Chan-sung will end up bringing Chung-myung back into her life, knowing that Song-hwa’s and Yeon-woo’s reincarnations appeared in her life after having Chan-sung as the hotel manager. When Chung-myung reappears, Man-wol warns that she won’t let him pass easily and she might go crazy. She asks Chan-sung to stay beside her, even if she turns into a vengeful spirit and disappears. Chan-sung promises he won’t let it happen to her and embraces her. As Man-wol hugs him back, flowers bloom on the ancient spirit tree.


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