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Song Eun-jae shines in this episode, not just because of her successful orthopedic surgery that earns her the respect of director Kim Soo-gwon of Geoje Hospital but more importantly due to the fact that she has bravely told the truth she thinks the family of a patient who died deserves to know despite knowing that it may put her in a bad situation with her superior. She has her own reason for keeping mum about the mistake of her colleague but clearly declares that she will definitely come back to where she came from.

1. Song Eun-jae sets aside her pride to save Kang Jung-ho’s life

It turns out that Song Eun-jae’s surprising action of cutting Kang Jung-ho’s arm is for his own sake as doing so is necessary to attach it back with a bigger chance of success later on. It’s a clean cut and all that’s left is for them to transfer him to a hospital in the mainland where he can be operated. The problem is, the stormy weather makes it impossible for the ship to travel safely or the rescue team from the outside to respond to the emergency, so Choo Won-gong (Kim Kwang-kyu) decides to have the surgery take place on board. He tells Song Eun-jae about this but she does not agree with the idea, saying that she is not an orthopedic doctor and operating on the patient entails a dangerous risk. Her decision is so firm that it takes Choo Won-gong asking her first which between her pride and the patient’s safety matters the most to convince her.

Consequently, Song Eun-jae sets aside her pride and calls Geoje Hospital director Kim Soo-gwon, an orthopedic doctor himself. He willingly agrees to help her considering the situation and guides her throughout the operation via a live video chat. The surgery is successful!

2. She’s hired again to work in Geoje Hospital

Director Kim was very impressed by Song Eun-jae’s skills in doing the surgery, so he decides to hire her again in the hospital despite the trouble she caused in the past.

3. Eun-jae speaks up the truth and gets fired from Haedan Hospital

These episodes shed light on what really led Song Eun-jae to board the hospital ship. Everything started when she shows up in Seoul Haedan Hospital just a few days after her mother died and insists that she perform her duty even though she’s still allowed to take off from work for some days. She then attends to a patient suffering from a complication caused by a mistake in her previous surgery, one conducted by the Chief of Surgery Department himself. Upon knowing that something’s really wrong, she calls Director Kim Do-hoon and informs him that he could have made a mistake during the operation. The director did not like what Eun-jae said but arrives at the surgery room on time anyway.

They then find out after opening the patient that the previous surgery was really messed up by the director. Unfortunately, before they could do anything the patient suddenly suffers from cardiac arrest and dies. Eun-jae wants the director to tell the truth and apologize to the patient’s family but the director deems her idea impossible to happen and instead tells her to keep quiet and move on. She did not listen and went on to speak up, saying that she cannot deceive the patient’s family. Her action costs her the position she has in the hospital; on that very day, she gets fired.

4. Kim Jae-gul’s unkind opinion of Eun-jae becomes more apparent

A man named Jae-min is shown in these episodes. Kim Jae-gul is injured and Jae-min has administered to him the first aid. When they meet Jae-gul’s dad later on, Jae-gul has noticed how Director Kim Soo-gwon seems to favor Jae-min. Jae-min seems to be a more talented man than he is at least according to his dad, and he did not like the unfair treatment. This past of Jae-gul could explain his apparent dislike for Song Eun-jae whom he described as someone who only used the hospital ship to get back to where she came from and who has planned everything from the start. He has grown to hate her, probably because she’s someone who’s somewhat similar to Jae-min.

5. Eun-jae’s outspoken and unsympathetic personality gets her into trouble with patients

The hospital ship docks at one of the islands to serve the locals. A lot of patients come knowing that the great doctor Song Eun-jae is on board. They’re all excited to be treated by an expert like her and insisted they be checked up by no one but Eun-jae. Later on, they end up leaving her room unsatisfied with her service and complaining about how she lacks manner and treats them badly. Then enters one fortune teller grandma with a temper who ends up pulling Eun-jae’s hair after she’s been straightforwardly told that she might die if she refuses the tests and treatments.

This scene shows once again how terrible Eun-jae’s attitude is towards her patient. She’s the outspoken type who care less about her patient’s feeling and consequently, the locals who were all smiles prior to the consultation leaves the hospital ship with no good words about her personality.

Episode Trivia. Ha Ji-won (also known by her real name Jeon Hae-rim), the lead actress of the Hospital Ship, is playing her first ever medical doctor role in her 20-year career in the entertainment industry and has prepared for her character by studying medical techniques and operations with real-life doctors. Better known for her dramas Secret Garden and Empress Ki, she made her acting debut in 1996 and has risen since then to become one of the top stars in South Korea.

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