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More about Song Eun-jae’s past not so long ago is shown in these episodes. She got fired at Seoul Haedan Hospital days after her mom died for ‘causing trouble’. Rumours spreading on the hospital ships says that it’s medical malpractice but no one knows for sure. Meanwhile, the reason behind Jae-gul’s resentment at his father is revealed and a glimpse of Kwak Hyun’s painful past has surfaced.

1. Kwak Hyun agrees with Song Eun-jae to operate the appendicitis patient on the hospital ship

After a heated conversation about whether or not to do the operation on the hospital ship, Kwak Hyun finally agrees with Eun-jae to take the risk and proceed with the operation despite the lack of a proper operation room and equipment. Thankfully, the operation is successful.

2. Kwak Hyun’s past affects his work

Eun-jae is not the only one with a painful past that’s better forgotten. Kwak Hyun has its own share, which gets him into trouble while performing intubation on an emergency patient. He fails to do it at all, so Eun-jae takes over the task. It’s because he suddenly remembers himself entering into a room and witnessing another doctor performing a CPR on a dying patient. That doctor scolds him, saying that patients die because of him. Later that day, he spends time alone along the beach and asks himself “what does the work on the hospital ship mean to me?”

3. Song Eun-jae gets a job at a small hospital and loses it the next day

After doing a successful operation on a patient at the Geoje Hospital, he gets hired by the hospital’s director himself. But this director has a connection with Seoul Haedan’s surgery department chief and learns about her causing trouble and getting fired. The next day, as a result, Eun-jae loses her job of doing emergency surgeries. She gets fired even before starting her first day.

The actual details of the cause of her expulsion from Haedan have yet to be known and all that’s given in these episodes is her performing a CPR on a patient that dies eventually. After that, the surgery chief (Jeon No-min) confronts her and fires her without hesitation. What exactly happened is anyone’s guess, but it is clear now that Eun-jae did not join the hospital ship on the grounds of her guilty feeling for her mother’s death alone.

4. Kim Jae-gul’s father can’t accept the fact that he’s doctor of oriental medicine

It turns out that the director (Jung Won-joong) of Geoje Hospital who hired and fired Eun-jae within a one-day period is Jae-gul’s father. Jae-gul visits his father one night for a family dinner but leaves right away after hearing his father belittling his profession. There is also a mention of one person named Jae-min being dead and Jae-gyul being the one at fault. Her mother arrives and tries to stop him from leaving but to no avail.

Who is Jae-min? Is it Jae-gyul’s sibling? And in what way is Jae-gyul responsible for his/her death? If the death has something to do with his profession at all, a random guess would be he tried to save him/her with his knowledge in oriental medicine instead of bringing him to a hospital, causing somehow the tragedy. This resulted in a war with his father, a western medicine doctor who has hated him since then and looked down on his practice of oriental medicine.

5. Eun-jae makes a daring move during emergency

The last scene just shows how cold-hearted and arrogant of a woman Song Eun-jae truly is. Kang Jung-ho (Song Ji-ho), a crew member of the hospital ship, hurts his right arm due to an accident on a stormy night. She runs towards the patient upon learning of his condition, checks his pulse, leaves for a moment, and come backs bringing an axe. To everyone’s surprise, she cuts off the patient’s arm.

Sure, Song Eun-jae knows what she is doing and is quick to decide the best thing to do in such a critical situation to save the patient. However, her sudden action proves nothing else but his very problematic personality. She should have discussed her plans first with Jung-ho or the other crew members at least before doing a horrible thing that can change a man’s life forever.

Episode Trivia. Geoje, the filming location of the drama, is a city located in South Gyeongsang province just off the coast of the port city of Busan, South Korea. The city government of Geoje has provided full support for the drama, giving the production team access to its three gymnasiums were film sets are built. The onshore medical treatment and operation scenes are shot in these artificially-made locations.

Geoje Island

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