Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 9

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Thoroughly confused by Deok-mi’s words, Ryan goes home and tries not to call her. In her apartment, Deok-mi waits for his call. That night, she dreams about a memory from her childhood—of letting go of another kid’s hand the way she’d let go of Ryan’s. The next day, Deok-mi recounts everything to Seon-joo and the two trash talk Ryan. When he pulls up in front of Seon-joo’s cafe, Deok-mi rushes to hide. Seon-joo curtly informs Ryan that she’s out of milk and he leaves empty-handed.

At the gallery, Deok-mi sees Da-in and Ryan together which puts her in a bad mood. The employees at Cheum speculate that Ryan and Deok-mi must have gotten into a fight because of Da-in and give him the cold shoulder. Ryan tries to get Deok-mi to clarify what she meant last evening but she shuts him out and he walks away. The two lock horns at work meetings and lunch because of their bad mood, leaving their colleagues to tiptoe around them.

Deok-mi’s parents show up to the gallery with lunch. Deok-mi tries to get them to go back but Ryan interjects saying he’s hungry and they end up having an adorable family picnic. Deok-mi’s mom gives Ryan a lion plushie that she knit for him and Ryan is super sweet about it. Deok-mi is touched by how nice Ryan is to her parents. They take a few ‘family’ photos and Ryan drops everyone home. He tries to set up another lunch date with her parents but Deok-mi refuses.

Eun-gi and his mom drop by to show Deok-mi’s mom the magazine edition with Ryan’s cover. Deok-mi’s mom is in a bad mood because of Deok-mi’s behavior at the picnic and says that Ryan might not become her son-in-law after all. Somehow, the moms get talking about Eun-gi being like a sibling to Deok-mi which puts him in a bad mood. He goes to see Deok-mi with drinks and snacks that night. She tells him about the picnic and he realizes that she’s genuinely upset about not fake dating Ryan anymore.

Deok-mi starts a chatroom on her homepage inviting everyone to share their reasons for being unable to sleep. Most people post about break-up-related reasons and Deok-mi is about to leave the chat when Latte-nim aka Ryan posts a message. He talks about his predicament—how he likes a person who also seemed to like him back but suddenly, that person wanted to stop being close. Deok-mi is able to relate to these feelings and suggests that Latte-nim’s feelings could have been burdensome to the other person. In his room, a crestfallen Ryan wonders if his feelings really were a burden to Deok-mi.

On her way to a date with her producer husband, Seon-joo advises a depressed Deok-mi to pay extra attention to fangirling in order to cheer up. Deok-mi comes across some kids playing with soap bubbles and is reminded of how they enamored Ryan during their amusement park date. Seon-joo is annoyed when her husband hands her a key to stash her jacket in the locker herself instead of doing it for her. When she opens the locker, she finds a gift inside but instead of being thrilled she assumes that he’s pampering her because he’s cheating on her. As they make up on their way home, she reminds him how they met because of her being a fangirl. He thinks about the show he’s making that demonizes fangirls and asks Seon-joo to hold onto her fond feelings for him.

Deok-mi focuses on fangirling to get over her heartbreak but doesn’t have much success with it. Ryan bumps into Si-an while returning home from an alcohol run. Si-an wants to be Ryan’s drinking buddy but is met with a cold response. When Si-an begins talking about Si Na Gil, Ryan gets jealous and leaves with a promise to see him tomorrow for the meeting with Da-in.

Ryan tries to fix a lunch date with Deok-mi before the meeting to no success. Even the prospect of seeing Si-an up close doesn’t lift Deok-mi’s mood and she sulks about not wanting to go. She ends up running an errand for Da-in at the wood workshop. While waiting for the owner, she thinks back to how much fun she had making furniture with Ryan and longingly stares at his pictures on her phone.

She has an epiphany and replies to Latte-nim’s message asking if their feelings are truly a burden to others, “Maybe that person didn’t want their heart to get hurt.” She asks Latte-nim to muster up the courage once more. The door to the workshop opens and Ryan walks in. In tears, Deok-mi asks why he wanted to end their fake relationship so badly. He finally confesses that he hated the fake relationship because he wanted everything to be real and kisses her.


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