Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 8

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Deok-mi realizes she likes Ryan and kisses him. He takes off his blindfold and asks if she wants to have him. She says yes and they begin making out… until Ryan calls Deok-mi and she realizes she was daydreaming. Embarrassed, she pushes him out of her apartment and asks him to go home. He asks if she’s sick and she denies it, all the while mentally blaming him for her ‘sickness’. Ryan leaves and it’s only when he reaches his car that he clutches his heart because it’s racing from Deok-mi being so close.

The next day, Seon-joo asks Deok-mi why she hasn’t uploaded pictures from the fansign yet and Deok-mi babbles something about kissing Ryan. Seon-joo realizes Deok-mi really likes Ryan but discourages her from confessing until Deok-mi can confirm how Ryan feels. Hyo-jin’s mom catches her in the basement of Si-an’s building and asks her to relinquish her card and car as Ryan watches the scene. At the gallery, Ryan asks Deok-mi to meet him outside. She thinks he’s about to confess and gets excited but instead, he drops the news that he made Hyo-jin delete ‘CUpatch’ by saving her from her mom. He tells her that they won’t have to pretend to fake-date for long and Deok-mi is disappointed.

Instead of working, Seon-joo takes it upon herself to create a fancafe for Joo-hyuk and photographs him all over the cafe. When Deok-mi tells Seon-joo about how dismayed she is that Ryan wants to quit fake dating, her friend advises her to keep Cindy working at the gallery. At a meeting, Cindy asks for more work but shoots down everyone’s suggestions as boring. Deok-mi jumps in with ideas for Cindy to work on Si-an’s exhibition to keep her from quitting.

Ryan asks Deok-mi to dress prettily for a meeting, getting her excited once again. It turns out to be a meeting with Si-an but she’s too disappointed about not getting Ryan’s confession to pay attention to Si-an. Deok-mi’s mom visits Eun-gi’s studio and becomes emotional after seeing the kids playing happily, flashing back to similar memory from the past.

Si-an wants to drop out of the exhibition because he can’t find a visual director. Ryan asks if he would like to work with Choi Da-in and he enthusiastically agrees. Once again, Ryan asks Deok-mi if she’s free but this time she says she has plans. While dropping Deok-mi off at her mom’s house, Ryan bumps into Eun-gi who asks him to not toy with Deok-mi and boasts about his closeness with Deok-mi. Unaware that Eun-gi likes her, Deok-mi asks him what he thinks of her as a woman and if he would date her. Eun-gi says he would totally date her and slipping into the role of a boyfriend, asks her how she’s an idol fan at this age. Deok-mi scoffs that he didn’t have to be so real.

Ryan can’t sleep because of Eun-gi’s words and comments on Si Na Gil’s page as if he’s talking to Deok-mi. Ryan and Deok-mi visit Da In to convince her to work as Si-an’s visual artist. Da-in refuses to work until her studio is set up and they help her by making furniture for her place. Watching Ryan and Deok-mi laughing and working together, Da-in is heartbroken.

Eun-gi can’t stop thinking about Ryan saying he’s interested in Deok-mi and takes a long, sad shower. He calls Deok-mi and upon finding out that she’ll be in the carpentry workshop with Ryan all night, he goes over right away. Post work, the group have dinner and Eun-gi tries to make Ryan jealous by showing off his closeness with Deok-mi. Da-in points out and that Eun-gi is playing dirty. He reveals to her that Ryan and Deok-mi are not really dating.

Eun-gi asks Deok-mi to break off her fake relationship by pointing out that Ryan and Da-in have something going on. Seon-joo’s producer husband sneakily uses her laptop and steals some files from a folder named White Ocean. Ryan meets Editor Nam for the interview while Deok-mi goes to deliver a proposal to Da-in. Editor Nam asks if Ryan would like to send love calls to a Korean artist and he thinks of Lee Seol’s painting. Off the record, she asks him if he has thought about settling down in Korea and later calls Deok-mi’s mom to report his answer.

Da-in admits that she’s agreeing to work with Si-an so she can stay close to Ryan and tells Deok-mi that Ryan wants to stop fake dating her. Ryan picks out flowers to confess to Deok-mi. Before he can say a word, she tells him that she wants to stop pretending to be his girlfriend. He tries to stop her but she shrugs his hand off and walks away, leaving him heartbroken.


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