Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 7

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Eun-gi and Deok-mi’s mom meet a fortune teller who tells them that Deok-mi will soon find romance with a foreigner. That night, Deok-mi’s parents visit her to drop off some of mom’s side dishes just as Ryan shows up to apologize for his outburst. He sees Cindy spying on them, marches up to Deok-mi and pretends to kiss her by placing his thumb on the side of her mouth. Deok-mi’s parents see Ryan and Deok-mi together and immediately assume that the two are dating. Mom invites Ryan home for dinner.

At Deok-mi’s house, Ryan admires Deok-mi’s dad’s rock collection and Dad couldn’t be happier talking about it. Mom cuts their conversation short by announcing dinner. Later, she pushes the two into Deok-mi’s old room to get them to spend some alone time together. Ryan takes a look at the display of Deok-mi’s awards from painting competitions and asks her why she quit the arts. She tells him about her family’s financial problems and says that whenever she misses painting, she just drinks a lot of alcohol, cries her heart out and finds other things to love.

Eun-gi shows up with his mom, Editor Nam, who requests Ryan’s interview for her art magazine. Ryan drops Deok-mi at her place and apologizes again. Eun-gi thinks back to Deok-mi cheering him up after he was dejected about not winning a gold medal. Ryan is touched by the gifts that Deok-mi’s parents hand him while she can’t stop thinking about the almost-kiss.

Ryan leaves extremely detailed comments on Si Na Gil’s page which Deok-mi likes and replies to. He bumps into Hyo-jin on his way to work and tells her that she’s fired for stalking Deok-mi. She tells him that he must sue Si Na Gil as well for taking photos of his and Deok-mi’s date. She gets a text and yells in surprise at being selected for a Si-an fansign. In Seon-joo’s cafe, Deok-mi and Seon-joo celebrate because Si Na Gil also got in with just one album.

Seon-joo watches her adorable son practice judo and muses that she’s just fangirling over a baby now instead of an idol. Eun-gi asks her how she fell in love with a normal guy over an idol and she catches on that Eun-gi is worried about Deok-mi falling for Ryan. Director Eom crashes a meeting at the gallery, much to Ryan’s annoyance. She tries to make Deok-mi work on the day of Si-an’s fansign but Ryan spins the situation in a way that Hyo-jin ends up being picked for the job. Choi Da-in overhears Curator Yoo talking about Ryan dating Deok-mi.

Seon-joo fangirls over Joo-hyuk, who is weirded out by all the attention. Da-in transforms Ryan’s car into a cat, complete with ears and a tail. Eun-gi calls Deok-mi to make plans to hang out after the fansign. Ryan turns up at the fansign location and recognizes Deok-mi in her fan site garb. He also spots Cindy aka Hyo-jin, who has blown off her mom for the fansign. Deok-mi notices Ryan and takes his pictures with her fancy camera. In a raffle event, Deok-mi ends up winning a selfie with Si-an but she’s too busy looking at photos of Ryan to notice. Deok-mi doesn’t want to remove her mask to take the selfie which causes some awkwardness but Si-an comes to her rescue by saying he’ll take the picture with the mask on.

After the event, Cindy spots Si Na Gil aka Deok-mi and chases her. Ryan calls out to Cindy causing her to lose Deok-mi. At home, Deok-mi begins editing Si-an’s photos but ends up editing Ryan’s instead. She remembers her own words that editing photos is an act of love and is confused by her feelings. Meanwhile, Ryan is refreshing Si Na Gil’s page in hopes of seeing the new pictures. When the page does not update, Ryan tries calling Deok-mi and gets worried when she doesn’t answer. He remembers that she hurt herself at the mall and uses the lunch boxes from her mom as an excuse to check on her.

Deok-mi is furiously painting to get her mind off of Ryan and gets startled upon hearing Ryan call her name. She stares at him and can only think of the moment he almost kissed her. She accidently splatters paint on his hand and ends up guiding him to her bathroom with a Si-an banner over his eyes so he doesn’t see her Si-an merch.

Ryan asks her how she could paint after what happened to her arm. Deok-mi remembers seeing the empty canvas in his house and guesses that he hasn’t been able to paint. She tells him that she tried to paint using her left hand, which didn’t work but she was able to enjoy painting again. Ryan insists on seeing her house since she’s already seen his and in an effort to stop him, she ends up falling on top of him. Deok-mi realizes that she likes Ryan and kisses him.


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