Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 6

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Ryan thinks back to how he discovered Sung Deok-mi’s secret by matching her handwriting on some work files to the fansite’s notebook. The next day at work, he messages Si Na Gil on twitter and watches secretly as Deok-mi replies and confirms his suspicions. He registers for Si Na Gil’s fan club under a fake name. Deok-mi, meanwhile, is unable to sleep because she can’t stop thinking about Ryan.

The next day, Deok-mi is late for work and bumps into Ryan while passing Lee Seon-joo’s cafe. While the two are busy staring at each other, Seon-joo’s barista Joo Hyuk crashes into Ryan’s car. Deok-mi meets Seon-joo and Nam Eun-gi and can’t stop raving about Ryan’s kindness in taking Joo Hyuk to the hospital. At work, Curator Yoo complains about how she can’t bitch about Ryan now that Deok-mi is dating him and also can’t give orders to the new intern because she’s Director Eom’s daughter. Hyo-jin shows up late again but they can’t even tell her off because her mom is right behind her.

Ryan spies on Deok-mi as she works, recognizing that she’s singing along to a White Ocean song. Suddenly, he informs her that Cha Si-an will be visiting the museum almost exactly as the singer arrives, which leads to chaos with Deok-mi hyperventilating and Hyo-jin hurrying to hide her face. Both Deok-mi and Hyo-jin keep interrupting the meeting with excuses to look at Si-an’s face. Ryan takes Si-an on a tour of the gallery and observes how excited and emotional Deok-mi gets around him.

Cheum’s staff host a late welcome party for Ryan and Hyo-jin. While having drinks, Hyo-jin presses Ryan and Deok-mi to tell the story of how they began dating. Ryan pulls Deok-mi’s leg by turning their chance encounters at the auction and the airport into incidents of Deok-mi flirting. Sly Hyo-jin then makes them play a drinking game of answering questions at the same time. The rule is, if they don’t get the answers right, they have to take a shot the size of a bowl. The team dinner ends with Ryan completely plastered, leaving Deok-mi to deal with him. In the cab ride back home, Ryan becomes very touchy-feely, sleeping with his head on Deok-mi’s shoulder and holding her hand.

Seon-joo’s producer husband Seung-min snags interviews of fangirls by telling them it’s for a show called “The 21st Century Fans With Superpowers” which is a lie, because the show is actually called “Fans Whose Affection Has Gone Astray.” Seon-joo takes Joo Hyuk to get his guitar repaired and learns that her employee knows a lot about guitars. Deok-mi takes Ryan home but he refuses to let her go. She thinks he’s an adorable drunk and somehow manages to extricate herself from his hug. Ryan wakes up in the middle of the night holding his own hand and finds hangover medicine with a note from Deok-mi. The memory of trying to kiss Deok-mi comes to him suddenly and he curses himself.

Ryan sits down to take the level up test for Si Na Gil’s fanclub and is baffled by how difficult the questions are. He ends up watching over 500 Si-an videos in one night to find answers but gets stuck on a question about Si-an’s mole. By this time, he’s so frustrated that when he bumps into Si-an in the elevator, he just grabs the poor guy’s face to find out where his mole is located. At the cafe, Seon-joo monitors the fan club and marvels at how Miss Latte (Ryan’s nickname on the website) passed the level up test in just a day.

Si-an tells Ryan that he’s found another Lee Seol painting, making Ryan remember the first time he had seen a Lee Seol painting. It had resembled the painting he had watched his mom paint as a child and that’s why it had made him cry as soon as he took one look at it. When showing Ryan the new painting, Si-an lets it slip that they need 5 more to complete their collection which surprises Ryan because as a gallery director, even he didn’t have this information. After his encounter with Si-an, Ryan tries to paint but is unsuccessful again.

Choi Da-in suddenly turns up at the gallery, hugging Ryan and dragging him away, making Deok-mi jealous. Ryan’s house develops a leaking issue and in his absence, Deok-mi ends up being the one to check it out. While at his house, she ends up going into the room with the Lee Seol paintings. Ryan gets there and is miffed that she entered his rooms without his permission, saying incredibly harsh things to her. She leaves his house in tears.

Ryan notices a gift Deok-mi left for him and regrets losing his temper. She confesses to Seon-joo and Eun-gi that even when Ryan was being rude to her all she could think about was that she didn’t want him to hate her. The trio watch a band perform, and the lead vocalist turns out to be none other than Joo Hyuk. Ryan follows Deok-mi home to apologize for being so harsh, but when she apologizes right back, he steps forward and kisses her.


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