Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 5

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Sung Deok-mi tells Ryan that she had to reveal that they’re dating to their colleagues because the new intern Kim Hyo-jin is actually Cindy, Si-an’s sasaeng fan. She asks him to fire Hyo-jin but he thinks they’ll just have to pretend to be a couple because Hyo-jin is Director Eom’s daughter and he can’t fire her. Curator Yoo wonders when Ryan and Deok-mi began dating and Hyo-jin opens up Si Na Gil’s homepage for them. They read the cheesy captions posted under Si-an’s photos as Deok-mi cringes in embarrassment.

Nam Eun-gi is angry after finding out that Deok-mi has to continue pretending to be Ryan’s girlfriend. He finds her and threatens to out her at work and to her mom. Suddenly, Ryan pops up saying he wants to learn Judo and asks Eun-gi to help him. When the two spar, it becomes obvious Ryan isn’t a beginner. Pinning him to the floor, Eun-gi asks why he’s pretending to want to learn Judo.

Ryan reveals that he overheard Eun-gi threaten to out Deok-mi and proceeds to give him a serious lecture about how Deok-mi is a minority in Korea’s conservative society who should be protected. Eun-gi is thoroughly confused. Seon-joo shows up at the gym and is just as confused when Ryan asks her if she’s just friends with Deok-mi. She answers in the affirmative and that’s when he realizes he’s been misunderstanding them the entire time. Seon-joo and Eun-gi recount everything to Deok-mi who is just as shocked.

Si-an turns up at Ryan’s apartment with chicken as payback for keeping his secret. He explains how he can’t eat junk food in his own apartment or he’ll be forced to diet and exercise in addition to producing music. Ryan guesses that Si-an must have pretended to hurt his arm to get some rest and notes that being an idol is a difficult job. This breaks the ice between them and Si-an agrees to do the exhibition.

Ryan realizes that he never sent one of the pictures that Si Na Gil posted on her page. Meanwhile, Deok-mi is disappointed after knowing that Ryan was only nice to her because he thought she was a lesbian in hiding. She’s furious when she sees that Cindy has created an entire Twitter account called ‘CUPatch’, dedicated to dissecting her and Ryan’s relationship.

Director Eom and Hyo-jin ride to the gallery together. She reminds Hyo-jin of her promise to stop chasing idols in return for being allowed to work at Cheum. She also instructs Hyo-jin to keep their relationship a secret but announces it loudly as they reach. Curator Yoo overhears them, remarking that Hyo-jin is not an intern but their master. Ryan is totally formal towards Deok-mi in a meeting and causes Cindy to cast suspicious glances at the couple.

Ryan calls a certain CHOI DA-IN (Hong Seo-young) to ask about the highly coveted last work of late photographer Yoon Tae-hwa but she just complains about him leaving for Korea without a word. Eventually, she tells him that Writer Noh who owns the piece is refusing to entertain anyone. Cindy live-tweets her suspicions about Ryan and Deok-mi’s relationship after observing them at work and tailing Ryan. Seon-joo advises Deok-mi to spend a night with Ryan alone to put all suspicions to rest. As Ryan leaves to meet Writer Noh, Deok-mi forcibly tags along while making sure Cindy is watching.

Visiting Writer Noh involves a long drive to the mountains. Ryan’s car gets stuck in the mud, leaving them with no choice but to walk to the writer’s house in rain. By the time they reach, they’re completely drenched. Writer Noh refuses to even listen to their proposal, but gives them clean clothes and lets them stay for the night. They share an unexpected intimate moment when Deok-mi gets her hair stuck her scarf and Ryan helps her untangles it.

Writer Noh talks about his friendship with Photographer Yoon and tells them that his last work isn’t very good, which is why he doesn’t want to reveal it. Later that night, housed in a single room, Ryan asks Deok-mi if she loves taking portraits. She gets very excited at this and dissects the meaning behind the last photo Yoon left for the world. Her words touch Ryan’s heart and outside, Writer Noh overhears them.

The next morning, Ryan and Deok-mi get ready to leave but Writer Noh surprises them by revealing his friend’s final work. The pictures are all of Writer Noh and it’s pretty obvious to the onlooker that Photographer Yoon was deeply in love with his friend. Noh tells them that he didn’t want to reveal these photos because he hadn’t been able to accept his friend’s feelings. Ryan tells the guy that looking at the photos, he’s sure Photographer Yoon knew that Noh loved him back.

While taking pictures of the art, Deok-mi focuses her lens on Ryan and takes his pictures, focusing on little details like she would with Si-an. That night, she sends welcome messages to the new members of her homepage, and we see that Ryan has Si Na Gil’s page with her message open on his laptop. Oh my god, he knows her secret!


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