Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 4

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After Ryan tells the driver of the car that Sung Deok-mi is his girlfriend, an old man opens the card window to say congratulations and drive away. Ryan is left frozen in embarrassment. Deok-mi assures him that it’s not a big deal, but Ryan proposes that she let him pretend to be her boyfriend for a while. He raises some solid points, like the possibility of her family’s information being leaked and asks her to think about it.

Deok-mi runs the fake dating idea past Nam Eun-gi, who scoffs and asks her to date for real instead. A crowd of reporters and fans is gathered outside Cheum and Ryan’s overprotective reply makes one of them remark that he’s acting like Deok-mi’s boyfriend. He texts Deok-mi about the crowd at the gallery and asks her to skip work. She goes to Lee Seon-joo’s cafe and they rack their brains for a solution to this problem. A ton of annoyed-looking fangirls enter the cafe and talk about killing the ajuhmma who dared to date their oppa and Deok-mi has to hide behind the counter.

Ryan remembers Si-an telling him how a fan site called Si Na Gil helped dispel some rumors around his group better than his agency did. He decides to ask Si Na Gil for help and follows her twitter which, of course, leads to Deok-mi getting a notification. At the meeting with Painter Ahn, Ryan surprises Deok-mi by handing the guy a proposal to exhibit alone in New York. She’s over the moon and asks to be in charge of the exhibition, to which he agrees.

Fangirls crowd Si-an as he’s exiting a building after schedules. His manager pushes one of them roughly, causing Si-an to be annoyed and remind his manager that the girls are his fans. Several fans follow the idol’s car in cabs, and somehow, the fan who got pushed jumps in front of Si-an’s car. The accident makes it to the news and Deok-mi blames herself for thinking time will make the rumors fade. She agrees to fake date Ryan, but she can’t help but laugh when he says he’s planning to ask the fansite to interview him. He clearly has no idea what a fansite does.

Deok-mi contacts Ryan on twitter and he asks her to reveal that Deok-mi is his girlfriend. She asks for pictures, and Deok-mi brings Seon-joo along to act as their fake paparazzo. Still under the impression that the two are secretly dating, he’s bewildered when Seon-joo repeatedly asks them to show skinship and chemistry so that their pictures would look real.

Seon-joo gets them to go on a fake date at an amusement park and mimic the couples around them. Deok-mi remembers that Ryan does not like holding hands, and grabs his arm instead. Eun-gi is babysitting Seon-joo’s son again and becomes testy at the girls fangirling. He uses Geon-woo’s emergency watch to send his mom a message. Seon-joo catches on to the real reason Eun-gi is annoyed and advises him to stop playing the oppa-dongsaeng game if he likes Deok-mi that much.

Ryan and Deok-mi are about to leave the amusement park but she notices him casting longing looks at the children playing games and asks if he would like to play for a while. They start from the roller-coasters, eat tons of candy, and visit the zoo. She tells him about the time she dreamt of going to an art school and draws him a cartoon lion as gift.

Staring at a group of children playing with soap bubbles, Ryan is reminded of childhood memories of his mother painting while he played with those bubbles. A lost kid comes up to Ryan and grabs his hand. Deok-mi is touched to see Ryan taking care of the child. They reunite the kid with his dad. Ryan tells her that it’s not holding hands that he detests but the moment of letting go. Deok-mi pipes in with anecdotes of her drunken habit of holding hands and says she will be happy to lend him her hand if he’s ever in the mood for it.

As they part, she tells Ryan that she enjoyed their fake date and spends her night blushing and giggling at the pictures they took. As the pictures make the rounds on the internet, fansite master Cindy gets blamed for lying about the jacket being one of its kind and making the dating situation a mess. Offended, she decides to dig into Ryan and Deok-mi’s relationship.

That night, someone tries to forcibly enter Ryan’s apartment. Ryan opens the door with a weapon in hand but the intruder happens to be a drunk Si-an who seems to have lost his way. He sleeps over at Ryan’s and wakes up embarrassed at his antics, requesting Ryan to keep the night a secret. There’s a new intern in office by the name of Kim Hyo-jin, whom Deok-mi immediately recognizes as Cindy. Deok-mi guesses that Cindy is there to dig into her dating news and has no choice but to reveal that she’s dating Ryan.


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