Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 3

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A hilarious flashback takes us to the school days of Nam Eun-gi and Sung Deok-mi, when he was popular among girls and she was a TVXQ fangirl. He gives her an umbrella someone gifted him, and she turns up at his judo practice to yell about how wrong it is to pass gifts on and beats the daylights out of him.

On the day of the meeting with Si-an, Deok-mi wakes up early to dress up but out of sheer habit, ends up donning her usual fangirl garb. She manages to look pretty thanks to Lee Seon-joo. Ryan is momentarily stunned when she steps out of the cab looking ethereal. She notes that Ryan is wearing the same jacket Cindy gave to Si-an. Deok-mi seems to know Si-an’s preferences a little too well, which throws Ryan off a bit but she makes the excuse of researching her clients prior to a meeting.

They go up to Si-an’s house and Deok-mi catches a glimpse of the idol stepping out of the shower, thinking that she would have no regrets if she died right that moment. As Si-an gives them a tour of his art collection, he introduces a photo that another fan site admin took. Deok-mi is so overcome by emotion that she tears up and has to excuse herself for the bathroom. In her excitement, she turns on the shower accidentally and comes out soaked, much to Ryan’s frustration. He gives her his jacket. The Lee Seol painting Ryan wants is conspicuously missing from the collection Si-an shows them.

The singer also seems unwilling to exhibit his collection. When it’s time to leave, Ryan reveals that he lives in the same building as Si-an. Deok-mi gets clicked while exiting the building.

The next day, a frantic Seon-joo asks Deok-mi to check out a link. It’s an article about Si-an dating someone, but in what is probably the biggest misunderstanding of the century—the girl he’s rumored to be dating turns out to be Deok-mi. Since she was seen leaving his apartment wearing a jacket that looks like his, the articles all assume that Si-an is dating. Deok-mi and Seon-joo worry about what this means for her.

Si-an’s manager promises to release an explanatory article in return for him doing the exhibition, to which he reluctantly agrees. At Cheum, everyone from the staff to Ryan are reading negative comments about Si-an’s supposed girlfriend. They worry about Deok-mi’s information being exposed to scary fans. Curator Yoo asks Deok-mi to post a picture with her boyfriend on SNS to put the rumors to rest and grabs her phone to find a picture. Ryan, who has been listening and thinks Deok-mi is a closeted lesbian, bursts through the door to stop her.

We get our first real glimpse of Cindy who has been staking out Si-an. She was the one who took pictures of Deok-mi, incensed that Si-an let another woman wear her gift. She proceeds to leak Deok-mi’s personal information and pictures on the internet. In her group chat with Eun-gi and Seon-joo, Deok-mi calls Cindy a sasaeng (an obsessive fan who stalks). Eun-gi wonders why Deok-mi isn’t thrilled to be caught in a dating scandal with her dream guy, but the fangirl duo explains that idols shouldn’t get caught while dating. They package this rule as an ethics problem because according to them, an idol who gets fans by selling a boyfriend fantasy can’t just suddenly break the image.

Ryan worries about Deok-mi and urges her to go home, but she wants to go to all her appointments for the day. As soon as she steps out of the gallery, however, she gets viciously attacked by Si-an’s fangirls. Eun-gi shows up and tries to protect her until the guards arrive, but she still ends up with quite a few bruises and scratches. When visiting the police station to press charges, Deok-mi ends up sympathizing with the fangirls and withdraws her complaint.

Eun-gi’s mom, whom he calls Editor Nam, visits Deok-mi’s parents and we finally get Eun-gi’s backstory—Deok-mi’s mom helped Editor Nam take care of Eun-gi as a struggling single mother. Director Eom visits the gallery and asks Ryan to fire Deok-mi for getting into a scandal. He reminds her of a painting she bought that has no documentation and can’t be found in the museum’s store. Annoyed that Deok-mi snitched on her, Director Eom slaps her.

Despite Ryan repeatedly asking her to go home and rest, Deok-mi stays in the museum. She tells him that looking at paintings brings her comfort because she tells herself that she’s greater than these works of art. Ryan is touched at her words, and brings up his past to explain hat he never thought he was worth more than his paintings. He thanks her and apologizes for the scene with Director Eom. They part ways but Ryan notices a shady-looking car that keeps bugging him. He turns back around and arrives just in time to save Deok-mi from being run over. He makes sure she’s okay and then yells at the driver of the car to leave his girlfriend alone. Oh my god!

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