Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 2

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Shocked at Ryan’s appearance, Deok-mi falls from the ladder. In a voice-over, she says, “Sometimes, for the sake of making a living, you have to pretend to be a regular person who doesn’t know what fangirling is.” We flash back to Director Eom interviewing Deok-mi. The woman had seemed disinterested in Deok-mi until another girl interviewing for the position admitted to being an idol fan. Director Eom had asked Deok-mi if she too was interested in idols, but sensing the mood, Deok-mi feigned ignorance. She ended up getting the job because her boss was sick of her daughter fangirling and didn’t want to associate with fangirls.

Deok-mi thinks Ryan is about to out her as a fangirl, but he doesn’t seem to remember her from the airport. He’s just interested in finding out who asked her to bid on Lee Seol’s painting. When she refuses to reveal her client’s name for privacy reasons, he guesses Cha Si-an. Deok-mi panics and vehemently denies knowing anything about idols, going so far as to say she really hates pretty boys.

At Ryan’s first meeting as the new director, he says that Cheum Museum seems less like an art gallery and more like a space for socializing. Deok-mi notices the notebook she dropped at the airport among Ryan’s stuff and follows him to his office. She argues that Cheum is different from the galleries that he is used to managing because they operated on sponsorship and donations. Ryan is of the opinion that Cheum only exists for corporate image-making purposes that have benefited its parent company, and calls Deok-mi weak and lacking in opinions.

Her Private Life Roundup Episode 1 - Deok-mi and Seon-joo hugging
Her Private Life Roundup Episode 2 - Ryan watching Seon-joo and Deok-mi

Director Eom finds out that Ryan is cancelling all the exhibitions she had planned and laments that he’s trying to act like a real director when she only scouted him for mediaplay. Deok-mi recounts her meeting with Ryan to Seon-joo and the two are horrified by the possibility of him recognizing Deok-mi. Ryan passes by and sees them hugging, once again assuming that they’re a couple. Deok-mi says that her number one fear is being outed as fangirl at her workplace. Eun-gi wonders why that’s a big deal, prompting Seon-joo and Deok-mi to stare him down and give him an idea of the judgmental comments Deok-mi is likely to hear in case she ever gets outed.

For the gallery’s fifth anniversary show, Ryan cancels a veteran painter’s exhibition in favor of displaying personal collections of celebs to raise money for promoting artists from different cultures and social classes. Deok-mi protests the cancellation, but Ryan just asks curator Yoo to help him instead. Deok-mi meets the painter to arrange a meeting for Ryan to break the cancellation news, but ends up telling him the truth. The painter sends Ryan a notice for breach of contract the next day. Enraged, Ryan fires Deok-mi immediately.

At home, Deok-mi makes a huge bowl of bibimbap and watches Si-an’s videos, trying to convince herself that she doesn’t have time to be depressed. She receives a text from her mom asking her to come over, but it is actually Eun-gi who sent it from mom’s phone because her mom and dad are fighting. While mediating between them, Deok-mi suddenly becomes emotional about her dismissal and breaks down. Seon-joo takes her for a night out at noraebang where the trio sing and dance to popular idol songs. Towards the end of the night, Deok-mi reveals that she was fired.

Deok-mi begins working at Seon-joo’s cafe. Turns out Ryan is one of their regulars, and they have a tense encounter. A distress call from her ex-colleagues has Deok-mi rushing to the gallery. One of the paintings has developed mold, but Deok-mi resolves the situation in a flash. Curator Yoo confesses that she was the one who told Director Eom about the cancelled exhibition, who in turn provoked the painter to sue them.

Ryan apologizes to Deok-mi but she refuses to return to Cheum and mixes coffee into his regular milk beverage for revenge. Turns out Ryan is allergic to caffeine and passes out in his office. Deok-mi goes to look for Ryan after receiving an important call and finds him on the floor. Eun-gi, who has followed her from the cafe, helps her take Ryan to the hospital where they are informed of his allergy.

Ryan dreams of being abandoned as a child and grabs Deok-mi’s hand in his sleep. Later, she too dreams of being arrested for attempting murder on Ryan and being outed as a fangirl. This time, it is she who wakes up clutching Ryan’s hand. She apologizes profusely for her prank, but he just wants to know how she found him. He then asks her to attend a meeting with him tomorrow, at idol singer Cha Si-an’s house. For a while, Deok-mi is stunned into speechlessness. At home, however, she breaks into a dance when she realizes she’s going to be meeting her idol.


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