Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 13

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Laying his head on Deok-mi’s shoulder, Ryan thanks her for listening to a secret he had been holding inside for over three years. The two head to Ryan’s home and bump into Si-an and his mom in the elevator. At home, Si-an’s mom tells him that she isn’t keen on exhibiting her paintings but he asks her to reconsider.

After defeating Deok-mi using his newfound skills in Go-stop, Ryan drops her at home. Eun-gi sends Deok-mi a picture of Hyo-jin with her suitcase and she calls back to ask what Hyo-jin is doing at her parents’ house. Hyo-jin explains how her mom kicked her out for going against her. When Curator Yoo calls Deok-mi with doubts about being able to collect all nine of Lee Seol’s paintings, Deok-mi intensifies her efforts to locate them for Ryan.

Si-an’s mom thanks Ryan for taking care of Si-an by bringing him sandwiches. Ryan takes the sandwiches to Deok-mi so they can eat together and she thanks him with a kiss. Si-an gives Ryan a call, asking permission for an after-hours viewing of the museum with his mom and Deok-mi urges him to agree. Deok-mi asks Editor Nam if she knows an artist called Lee Seol. Editor Nam remembers a classmate who painted in a style similar to Lee Seol. Deok-mi heads to Editor Nam’s college and discovers that the artist is none other than Si-an’s mom, whose real name is Gong Eun-young.

Si-an and his mom visit the gallery and he takes her to see the restored painting. She tears up while looking at the painting and excuses herself. Deok-mi follows her out and asks if she’s Lee Seol, but Si-an’s mom says she doesn’t deserve to be called by that name anymore because she failed to protect it. While talking to Ryan, Si-an lets it slip that he’s collecting the paintings for his mom. The realization that Si-an’s mom could be his mom makes Ryan remember the face of the woman in his memories and he’s too overcome with emotion to greet the mother and son as they leave.

Seon-joo wants to help Joo-hyuk compose a new music but he asks her to stop worrying about him and forgive her husband. Ryan is surprised that Deok-mi knows who Lee Seol is and confesses to feeling strange about her appearing in front of him out of the blue. Deok-mi gives him some time alone to think. She visits Seon-joo’s cafe, only to realize that it’s closed. Eun-gi also shows up to the cafe and the two grab a drink. Deok-mi asks him if he’s ever been curious about his biological father.

Ryan thinks about all the times Si-an called him Hyung without knowing that they might actually be brothers. When he gets home, Si-an is waiting to talk but Ryan asks him to come by later. Deok-mi’s birthday is coming up and her mom calls her to say that she should spend her birthday with Ryan. She tries to get the time of Ryan’s birth from Deok-mi in order to find out their compatibility but Deok-mi hangs up. Hyo-jin tells her that Ryan was adopted and Deok-mi’s mom gets very sad about this fact.

Eun-gi calls Da-in, who advises him not to be hung up over Deok-mi for too long and focus on keeping his friendship with her. Deok-mi surprises Ryan by showing up at his house with breakfast and the two proceed to bicker adorably over sandwiches. She tells him to take his time thinking things through.

Si-an asks Deok-mi to meet him privately and worries that Ryan is mad at him. He opens up about how his mom injured her hand in an accident which rendered her unable to paint and the soap bubble paintings being her last work. He reveals that the reason he wants to exhibit these paintings is to make his mom’s dreams come true. Deok-mi wonders why Si-an’s mom made exactly nine paintings of soap bubbles and realizes she was trying to keep her son, Yoon-jae, alive in her heart through the paintings. Ryan tells Deok-mi about her mom calling him to ask his time of birth and she gets embarrassed. Ryan says he celebrates the date of his adoption as his birthday and doesn’t know his actual time of birth. Deok-mi asks him if he’s curious to find out, urging him to meet Si-an’s mom, aka Lee Seol.

Encouraged by Deok-mi’s support, Ryan rings the bell to Si-an’s house. He musters the courage to bring Si-an’s mom to his house and shows her the paintings of Lee Seol in his room. Just when she is about to ask him to cancel the exhibit, she notices Ryan crying. He tells her that he’s Heo Yoon-jae and the mother and son stare at each other with tears in their eyes.


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