Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 12

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As Ryan and Deok-mi sit on the terrace holding hands, he tells her about his dream/memory of being abandoned by his mother. She shares her mom would stay up with her all night when she used to have nightmares as a child and proposes doing the same with Ryan. They spend the night playing go-stop and watching TV. Deok-mi dozes off and Ryan tucks her into bed, planting a kiss on her forehead and watching her sleep. Later in the night when Ryan is asleep, it’s Deok-mi who tenderly watches over him.

Deok-mi visits Seon-joo with health supplements and asks her to forgive Sung-min, but Seon-joo is still mad. Eun-gi walks into the cafe and the air immediately gets awkward between him and Deok-mi. The latter makes an excuse to leave and Seon-joo guesses that Eun-gi must have already confessed to Deok-mi. At the gallery, Ryan is looking at the rules of go-stop after Deok-mi badly beat him last night. Deok-mi laughs at his predicament and drags him for a meeting.

Cheum employees take the day off after a brief meeting about the exhibit. Everyone decides to accompany Curator Yoo for volunteer work. Deok-mi’s mom boasts about Ryan and Deok-mi over tea with Editor Nam. Seeing Seon-joo upset, Joo-hyuk takes her busking with him. At first, she’s hesitant to sing in a public place but once she begins she has a lot of fun. Sung-min watches her from afar.

Eun-gi trains to get his mind off Deok-mi. Editor Nam pays a surprise visit to her son and takes him out for a walk to comfort him. Deok-mi, Yoo-seop, Curator Yoo, and Hyo-jin gather to go to an orphanage and Ryan surprises them by showing up. He’d bumped into Si-an, who had asked him to donate the stuffed animals his fans gave him to the orphanage. Deok-mi fawns over Si-an for his kindness and Ryan pretends to get jealous.

At the orphanage, Curator Yoo teaches the kids about art, Hyo-jin takes pictures, and Yoo-seop plays soccer with them. Ryan looks at the kids playing and remembers a memory from his childhood. Hyo-jin asks Deok-mi why they’re teaching kids about art instead of making financial contributions to the orphanage, and Deok-mi explains how money might make these kids’ lives easy but art will make them happier. She looks out the window and smiles at Ryan playing with the kids.

Deok-mi is chosen as model for the kids’ drawing practice. Yoo-seop hands Ryan crayons in case he wants to paint Deok-mi as well but Ryan keeps them aside. A little girl approaches him and offers to draw his portrait. When the kids are out taking pictures, Deok-mi hands Ryan a coloring pen and asks him to trace her hand on the paper. At first he looks offended by her request but when he picks up the pen, he finds himself unable to draw. Deok-mi grabs his hand to help him and then traces his hand. The little girl approaches Ryan with his portrait and asks for his Korean name. She hands him a lollipop as they leave and asks him to come again.

Ryan and Deok-mi stop to enjoy the scenery on their drive back and reminisce about the first time they met. She asks about his Korean name and he remarks that it feels like a stranger’s name before telling her that it’s Yoon-jae. They head back to Deok-mi’s house and spend an adorable evening cooking together. Later that night, Deok-mi looks through the photos of Ryan playing with kids. She is inexplicably reminded of a childhood memory, prompting her to look up Ryan’s birth name in the missing persons database.

Eun-gi gets a call from a drunk, short-haired woman. He assumes it’s Seon-joo and goes to the bar. Turns out it’s Da-in who called him and the two end up drinking together. Da-in wakes up in Eun-gi’s text the next morning, embarrassed about her drinking habits. Deok-mi informs Ryan that Lee Seol’s painting has been restored. Director Eom visits Cheum to cancel the idol exhibition but Hyo-jin stand up to her mom and tells her how she’s been working hard not because it’s Si-an’s exhibition but because she likes the work. Director Eom gets emotional and lets them hold the exhibition.

A short-haired woman (cameo by Lee Il-hwa) calls Si-an’s manager. She drops by Si-an’s studio and he runs up to her and hugs her, calling her mom. Meanwhile, Deok-mi asks Ryan about Lee Seol’s paintings and he tells her about not being able to paint since he first saw them. He adds that he remembers seeing the paintings from his childhood. It is then revealed that Si-an’s mom is actually Lee Seol, when Si-an tells her that he’s collecting her paintings for an exhibit, causing her to worry. Ryan tells Deok-mi of his suspicions that painter Lee Seol might be his mom and breaks down.


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