Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 11

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Upon hearing Ryan call her Si Na Gil, Deok-mi stops hiding behind Eun-gi and drags Ryan away to talk in private. Seon-joo sees them leave and asks a shocked Eun-gi if Ryan found out Deok-mi’s secret. Her producer husband, Sung-min comes looking for her. She threatens to see him in court but when he mentions Geon-woo, she forgets everything and rushes home, leaving a dejected Eun-gi behind. Ryan brings Deok-mi to his house. They bump into Si-an in the elevator and Ryan jumps in front of her to save her from being seen by Si-an.

Seon-joo realizes that her husband used Geon-woo as an excuse to lure her back. She takes Geon-woo to Eun-gi’s gym and finally tells Eun-gi that Deok-mi is dating Ryan. Ryan interrogates Deok-mi about Eun-gi sleeping over and she explains that Seon-joo was with them too. She’s mad at him for not telling her that he knew she is Si Na Gil and he fires back at her saying that hiding her fangirl identity is a bigger offense. She says she didn’t know she would end up falling for him… and they end up smiling and apologizing to each other. Ryan explains how he found out she was Si Na Gil. When he reveals that he’s Latte, however, Deok-mi is mad and hits him until he pins her arms by hugging her. They’re about to kiss when the bell rings.

It’s Hyo-jin, who has come to inform Ryan that her mom is refusing to let them do Si-an’s exhibit. Director Eom saw the documentary that Seon-joo’s husband worked on and figured out that the sasaeng (stalker-like) fan named Cindy was her daughter. Ryan assures Hyo-jin that he will think of a solution to this and asks her to leave, but she asks him to lend her some money instead. Turns out Hyo-jin is not planning to go home in order to rebel against her mother. Deok-mi ends up bringing her to her parents’ house. Eun-gi asks to meet Deok-mi, trying to talk about his confession from that morning but an awkward Deok-mi keeps changing the subject. Finally, he seriously tells her that he likes her as a woman. She points out that she’s dating Ryan but he says he’s willing wait for her.

Unable to sleep, Hyo-jin ends up helping Deok-mi’s mom with her knitting and the two have a sweet chat. Deok-mi gets back home and stays awake thinking about Eun-gi’s words until Ryan calls. He guesses that she’s upset and comforts her. Seon-joo’s husband finally catches hold of her and tries explaining his side of the story, saying that he worked on the documentary for her. Seon-joo asks him not to act like a victim by using her as an excuse. She calls him out for using Geon-woo as a shield and walks away.

The next day at work. Hyo-jin apologizes to Deok-mi for stalking her and Ryan. They find another Lee Seol painting and Ryan and Deok-mi go in search of it, finding the painting in an extremely bad condition. Deok-mi notices Ryan looking upset and tries to cheer him up by reassuring him that the painting will get restored. Da-in and Si-an are in a meeting when his manager gets a call about Ryan finding another Lee Seol painting. When Si-an finds out that the painting is damaged, he too gets upset and expresses his wish to see all nine of Lee Seol’s paintings together.

Now that Ryan knows she’s a fangirl, Deok-mi invites him to her place. While cleaning up, she leaves the door open but instead of Ryan, her mother shows up and sees her fan memorabilia. She’s furious and starts hitting Deok-mi. Ryan arrives and hears Deok-mi’s cries, diving in front of her to save her from Mom’s blows. Mom is shocked when Ryan reveals that he and Deok-mi are dating and tries to pass off the fan merch in Deok-mi’s room as hers. Ryan tells mom that he knows Deok-mi is a fangirl.

After mom leaves, Deok-mi becomes conscious of Ryan looking at all the Si-an merch in her room. He surprises her by not finding it strange but being jealous that the flowers he gave her are not displayed in the centre of her room like Si-an’s stuff. Deok-mi calls him cute and kisses him, then proceeds to give him a tour of her fanart like it’s an exhibit.

Ryan has nightmares of his mother abandoning him as a child. He wakes up drenched crying and gives Deok-mi a call. While talking to him, she realizes he’s standing outside her apartment and rushes out to meet him. He tells her that he only wanted to see her face and asks her to go back inside. Upon noticing that he’s not in a good mood, she gives him a hug, telling him that it’s okay to cry. Ryan hugs her back and breaks down in her arms.


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