Her Private Life Roundup: Episode 10

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Si-an lists the events that led to him becoming friends with Ryan, remarking that it must be fate. All this while, Ryan thinks about how his paths repeatedly crossed with Deok-mi until they began fake dating. He follows her to the wood workshop and confesses his feelings. The two kiss for a long time and when someone comes into the workshop, they hide in a corner and kiss some more. They end up bumping things to the ground and giggle like kids. Deok-mi’s stomach growls and Ryan whisks her away to feed her.

Eun-gi’s mom stares at Ryan’s cover on her magazine and observes that he is the perfect match for Deok-mi. When Eun-gi asks if he’s good enough for Deok-mi, she dismisses him but grows serious when she realizes he’s not joking. Meanwhile, Ryan wonders when she developed feelings for him. Deok-mi gets embarrassed and hurriedly suggests having kimbap. The two wind up on her roof terrace and spend the whole time lovingly teasing each other.

Eun-gi’s mom apologizes for not being aware of his feelings for Deok-mi and he says that it was only recently that he realized it. Ryan and Deok-mi decide on switching to using each other’s first names and speaking casually now that they’re dating. He gives her a goodnight kiss before leaving and she swoons. She thinks about the kisses for a long time, wishing that she could screenshot the montage playing in her head and make GIFs out of it.

When Deok-mi shares the news with Seon-joo, she asks her not to tell Eun-gi that she’s dating Ryan. Ryan and Deok-mi have a cute moment at work when they end up getting each other’s drinks. Cheum employees notice Deok-mi’s good mood and guess that Ryan and Deok-mi must have begun dating again. During the meeting, Ryan and Deok-mi make heart eyes at each other much to everyone else’s annoyance. One of Hyo-jin’s ideas about merchandise for Si-an’s exhibition wins everyone’s favor.

Curator Yoo and Yoo-seop are still under the impression that Ryan cheated on Deok-mi and take her aside to lecture her about how she can’t change a man. Deok-mi rebukes them for criticizing him. Da-in drops by to meet Ryan and points out that the painting Si-an is planning to exhibit is the one that Ryan bought in New York. She realizes that Ryan pushing her to work with Si-an and ensuring he doesn’t pull out of the exhibition is because he wants to find out who Lee Seol is. Da-in bumps into Deok-mi and refuses to apologize since she didn’t technically lie about Ryan not wanting a fake relationship. Deok-mi tells her that distorting the truth is also a lie.

Eun-gi asks Seon-joo who she would choose between Ryan and him and she drops a cup in surprise. Da-in walks into the cafe, recognizes Eun-gi and tries to tell him that Ryan and Deok-mi are dating for real but Seon-joo interjects and sends Eun-gi away. Ryan and Deok-mi get off work early and she takes him for a night bus tour of Seoul, acting as his guide throughout the trip. They hold hands as they take in Seoul’s scenery.

Seon-joo finds out that her husband is doing the show that criticizes fangirls and chases him around the cafe in anger. Ryan and Deok-mi steal kisses in a park. She gets a text from Eun-gi and Ryan remarks that they must be super close. She replies that they’re just like siblings but Ryan points out that Eun-gi might not view their relationship the same way. She asks about Ryan’s relationship with Da-in and he explains that they are friends in a professional capacity.

Eun-gi puts on a suit and practices his confession to Deok-mi. Ryan gifts Deok-mi the pendant he’d planned on giving her the day he almost confessed. He puts it on her and the two share a sweet kiss. On his way back, Ryan sees Eun-gi walking towards Deok-mi’s house. Meanwhile, Deok-mi displays pictures from her date with Ryan like the rest of her idol merch.

Eun-gi visits Deok-mi and tries confessing to her, but Seon-joo ruins his plans by showing up in a drunken state. They all switch off their phones to avoid answering calls from her husband. Ryan can’t stop thinking about Eun-gi going to Deok-mi’s place and tries to call her in vain.

On her way to an idol event, Hyo-jin gets caught by Director Eom. Deok-mi is on her way to the same event with Eun-gi in tow. They suddenly bump into Ryan, who has come to see her. She hides behind Eun-gi. Ryan and Eun-gi have a brief confrontation where Eun-gi asks Ryan to leave and Ryan tells him to let him see his girlfriend. When Deok-mi continues to hide, Ryan finally reveals that he knows Deok-mi is Si Na Gil.

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