‘Her Private Life’ introduces characters of Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook in stills, videos

With less than three weeks to go before its premiere next month, tvN’s Her Private Life seems to have started actively promoting itself with photos and videos introducing the characters of Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook.

The still images released on March 20 focused on Park Min-young, who is shown wearing business attires and smiling, while the video teasers unveiled on March 17 feature both her and Kim Jae-wook. Park is playing an art curator and a fangirl while Kim takes on the role of a gallery director.

Park Min-young in stills from 'Her Private Life'

In Park’s teaser, she’s seen wearing bright fuchsia pants and blazer. She has cardboard in hand and seems to be in an art gallery being prepped for an exhibition. She says, “Me? I’m an art curator.” The scene changes to her bedroom, where she sits surrounded by pictures of a male idol, and then to a throng of screaming fangirls with her in the front, taking pictures with a huge camera. She declares, “I’m a pro fangirl.” The scenes once again switch between her home and workplace as she asks, “Who says I can’t be good at both?”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-wook’s teaser begins with him standing in the same gallery as Park. He looks suave dressed in a suit and says, “I’m the famous Ryan Gold.” The scene transforms into Kim’s extravagant office, followed by his equally extravagant home as he says, “I’m a writer and Mono Art gallery’s director.” In the next scene, he stands behind a throng of loud fangirls, looking clueless with a camera in his hand as he wonders, “How do you fangirl?”

Her Private Life is scheduled to premiere on April 10, following the conclusion of Yoo In-na’s Touch your Heart.

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