‘Her Private Life’ announces additional cast members

On February 28, Park Jin-joo, Jung Jae-won, and Hong Seo-young were revealed as additional cast for tvN’s upcoming rom-com, Her Private Life.

The drama revolves around Sung Deok-mi, a professional art curator by day and an idol fangirl in her free time. She works at an art gallery called ‘Mono Art’. The gallery’s director, Ryan, takes an interest in her after getting to know about her dual life as a fangirl. Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook have been roped in to play the lead roles, with Ahn Bo-hyun and Kim Bo-ra confirming their appearance as second leads.

Park Jin-joo will be seen playing Lee Seon-joo, Deok-mi’s best friend who runs a cafe. The actress was last seen in tvN’s Encounter (2018). Meanwhile, Jung Jae-won, an actor and rapper better known by his stage name One, will star as Deok-mi’s idol bias Cha Si-an who is a member of the group White Ocean and enjoys immense popularity due to his looks and singing abilities. One has previously worked in dramas like Room No. 9 (2018) and Hwayugi (2017).

Lastly, rookie actress Hong Seo-young (The Liar And His Lover) will be playing Choi Da-in. Choi is the hottest artist at Deok-mi’s gallery and is famous for her celebrity-level good looks. She is also a friend of Ryan and went to the same school as him.

Her Private Life will be directed by PD Hong Jong-chan, who directed JTBC’s Life last year. It will follow Yoo In-na starrer Touch Your Heart in April.

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