‘Hard Hit’ drops explosive official film trailer

Upcoming film Hard Hit (previously Restricted Call/Punishment) has finally released its official trailer!

Hard Hit is a chase thriller movie that follows a bank manager whose normal day turns into a nightmare after receiving a call from an unknown number. Jo Woo-jin (Seobok) takes center stage as Seong-gyu, a central bank manager in Busan who receives a phone call from stranger, informing him of a bomb planted on his car. Ji Chang-wook (Fabricated City) plays Jin-woo, a mysterious man who is extorting money from Seong-gyu and his bank colleagues but has an unknown agenda.

The trailer opens to Seong-gyu’s usual morning routine of driving his children to school before going to work. While on the road, he receives a restricted phone call from a man who tells him that there is a bomb on his car then asks for a large sum of money. Seong-gyu does not believe it at first, thinking it is a prank call. He then gets a call from a co-worker who tells him that he also received a call from a man about a bomb installed on his car. Seong-gyu starts to be alarmed but tries to remain calm, until a car explodes right in front of him. The mysterious caller warns him that the bomb will explode if Seong-gyu gets out of his seat, calls the police, or angers him.

The next few clips then show Seong-gyu in a predicament. After the police gets wind of the situation, Seong-gyu becomes a suspect for the car bombing and gets chased by special forces everywhere he goes. As the tension begins to rise, Seong-gyu makes a difficult decision in order to survive and save his children.

Catch the premiere of Hard Hit this coming June. There are reportedly plans to release the film on TVING, CJ ENM’s own over-the-top (OTT) streaming service.

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