Happy family meets tragedy in new poster, teaser for ‘Beautiful World’

In the run-up to its premiere next month, JTBC’s Beautiful World has been on a teaser-dropping spree. On March 26, the family melodrama has another promotional material, this time a poster featuring the family that will take center stage in the story.

The poster shows Nam Da-reum (Where Stars Land) and Kim Hwan-hee (The Miracle We Met), who play the siblings Park Sun-ho and Park Soo-ho, respectively. Park Hee-soon and Choo Ja-hyun are also in the poster as the kids’ dad Park Moo-jin and mom Kang In-ha. They are joined by Lee Chung-ah (Because This Is My First Life), who plays the cool auntie, Park Joon-ha.

Beautiful World Poster 6

The group is the spitting image of a postcard happy family, with everyone smiling around a table laden with baked goods. Curiously though, Nam Da-reum is shown in grayscale while everyone else is in color. The text over the poster says “I earnestly pray that my son wakes up, I hope he does,” alluding to the tragedy that will strike the family when Park Sun-ho falls victim to school violence.

A video teaser released last week delves into Park Sun-ho’s idyllic childhood and the deep love his parents raised him with. In the teaser, Nam Da-reum lay heavily bandaged in a hospital as Choo Ja-hyun’s voice says, “Seon-ho, can you hear mom’s voice?” A flashback to the moments all parents celebrate with their children—their birth, first steps, first day at school—is shown next. Choo’s emotional voice says, “Stay strong, son. Mom, Dad, and Soo-ho are here for you. Let’s wake up soon and go home.” The teaser ends with Sun-ho’s mom beside his bed, holding his hand and weeping.

Beautiful World is slated to premiere on April 5.

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