gugudan’s Mina cast in Moon Chae-won’s new drama Gyeryong Fairy Tale

Mina of female idol group gugudan has been confirmed today to play a major supporting role in a new drama Gyeryong Fairy Tale starring Moon Chae-won (Criminal Minds) and Yoon Hyun-min (Witch’s Court).

The new series is an adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name about a 699-year old fairy who has been waiting for his husband while disguising in the modern world as a barista. Moon Chae-won is playing the character of Sun Ock-nam, a fairy who married a man during the Goryeo dynasty and suffered a major loss when he died. Since then, she’s lived through a couple of dynasties while waiting for her reincarnated husband to come back.

At present, Sun Ock-nam manages a strange coffee shop where he meets two men, one of whom could be the reincarnated version of his late husband. Yoon Hyun-min takes on the role of her husband’s reincarnation named Jung Yi-hyun while Mina plays the role of Jum Soon.

Jum Soon is the daughter of Sun Ock-nam and her original husband. She’s been reincarnated as a tiger in her new life but manages to become a human through the help of his mother. Mina previously appeared on MBC series 20th Century Boy and Girl and film Drama Stage.

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