Go Soo spends night at Song Geon-hee’s cafe in new stills from ‘Missing: The Other Side’

OCN’s much-anticipated Saturday and Sunday drama Missing: The Other Side has dropped the stills of two of its most mysterious characters.

The new mystery thriller centers on a group of determined but peculiar strangers who investigate a mysterious village where the souls of missing people have gathered. Not knowing the reason behind these people’s sudden disappearances, they attempt to uncover the truth behind all the mysteries. It stars Go Soo (Money Game), Heo Joon-ho (Kingdom 2), Ahn So-hee (Welcome to Waikiki 2), Ha Joon (Black Dog), Seo Eun-soo (Legal High), and Song Geon-hee (Mystic Pop-up Bar) in the main roles.

OCN has released the stills of actors Go Soo and Song Geon-hee, who play the main characters Kim Wook and Thomas Cha. Kim Wook is a scammer and smooth talker who uses his attractive face and skills to dupe people to make a living. He ends up in the mysterious village and starts seeing the dead people’s souls. Thomas, on the other hand, is the blond, mysterious owner of Hawaii, a cafe in the village of spirits.


In the unveiled stills, there is visible tension between Kim Wook and Thomas. The two seem to be conscious and alert around each other, as if they are trying to read each other’s movements. Nonetheless, Thomas smiles slightly and hands Kim Wook the bedding and pillows he can use as he stays the night. But as soon as he leaves the room where Kim Wook will be staying, his smile suddenly disappears, creating a chilling atmosphere.

In the last photo, Thomas is seen tightly gripping the hand of a young boy, as if trying to conceal something and indicating his wariness towards the new visitor. Thomas’ cold look and the child’s innocent aura are also contrasted, making up for a more mysterious atmosphere.

This is the scene where Kim Wook accidentally enters the village and has to stay overnight at Thomas’ cafe. Kim Wook is starting to satisfy his curiosity by watching the suspicious village and its people, including Thomas. The stills raise the anticipation of whether Kim Wook will be able to spend the night safely at the cafe. Furthermore, as he enters the mysterious village, all eyes are on him, as to what kind of affairs he will be involved in.

Missing: The Other Side is scheduled for broadcast this August 29 at 10:50 p.m., replacing OCN’s Saturday and Sunday time slot previously occupied by Train.

You can check out the drama’s main posters here and its main promo video here.

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