Go Soo can see ghosts in ‘Missing: The Other Side’ main promo

OCN’s upcoming fantasy-mystery thriller Missing: The Other Side has recently dropped its main promo video, pushing viewers to the edge of their seats.

The new series follows a team of strangers as they investigate a mysterious village where the lost souls of missing people have gathered. They will attempt to find the bodies of these dead people and uncover the reason behind their sudden disappearance. It stars Go Soo (Money Game), Heo Joon-ho (Kingdom 2), Ahn So-hee (Welcome to Waikiki 2), Ha Joon (Black Dog), Seo Eun-soo (Legal High), Song Geon-hee (Mystic Pop-up Bar), and more.

The spooky 30-second trailer opens with the entrance to the village. As the misty fog clears up, the scene reveals a glimpse of the said mysterious place, with a lighthouse somewhere along the woods, green plains, white clouds, and a seemingly peaceful atmosphere, making the viewers fall into the illusion of being in a paradise on earth. A man on his back can be seen walking, and as the scene changes, it focuses on a woman sulking in the middle of a pathway, her head resting on top of her arms as she squats on the ground. The next cuts show more, pleasant areas of the village, as well as the people living in it.

Heo Joon-ho, who plays the role of Jang Pan-seok, is heard talking to someone in the background. He seems to have found Go Soo’s character, Kim Wook, mysteriously hanging from a tree. He takes him in and tells him a lot of things regarding the soul village, which Kim Wook refuses to believe. “These are the spirits of people who don’t even know where their dead body is,” Pan-seok says. Kim Wook, skeptical as he is, laughs at this and responds, “Are you crazy? You want me to believe that now?”

In the next scenes, strange things start happening around him, such as dead bodies suddenly appearing and random objects floating in the air. Kim Wook then starts questioning everything, as Jang Pan-seok asks again, “Do you believe me now?”

Frustrated and a bit horrified, he bursts out at Jang Pan-seok and asks how he can see these ghosts himself. Captions that read, “A village where spirits are living” and “Death is not over.” then flash on the screen. Before the video ends, Song Geon-hee, who plays the character of Thomas, gives Kim Wook a chilling warning, “If you can get out of this village, never come back.”

As the production drops more promotional clips and visuals, the anticipation of the viewers continues to rise. Go Soo and Heo Joon-ho’s chemistry as an odd duo is also raising expectations for the series, as both are great actors. The production even praised both stars in their released stills and said, “The two actors are already recognized for their solid acting skills, but together, they create an energy that is beyond imagination. They also brighten up the atmosphere of the set. Please look forward to [their characters’] first meeting and the actors’ passionate performances.”

Missing: The Other Side will hit the small screen on August 29 at 10:30 p.m., taking over OCN’s Saturday and Sunday time slot currently occupied by Train.

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