Go Kyung-pyo receives truckload of gift from Park Bo-gum

Fans are more than happy to see Park Bo-gum and Go Kyung-pyo’s friendship remain intact. Despite their busy schedule, they make a constant effort not only to stay connected but also to motivate each other. In fact, the Instagram post of Go Kyung-pyo on May 13 reveals that Park Bo-gum sent over a truck of coffee and snacks to the set of the former’s most recent drama project, Chicago Typewriter. The photo shows the banner which came along with the coffee truck saying, “I love you, I’m grateful to be able to send Go Kyung Pyo coffee!” The Chicago Typewriter actor is likewise thankful to his thoughtful friend and made an Instagram post about the surprise gift he just received, putting as a caption: “Park Bo-gum is so kind-hearted. I plan on returning the favor next time Park Bo-gum is filming something. Thank you!”

We might find this really sweet but it is actually not the first time that these two lovely actors expressed their utmost care and support for each other. In November last year, Go Kyung-pyo held a special event with 100 fans for his successful drama, Jealousy Incarnate. To their surprise, Go Kyung-pyo and the fans present are speechless as Park Bo-gum pops out of the stage. How lucky those hundred fans are!

Go Kyung-pyo and Park Bo-gum
Photo Credit: Hariannusantara.com

Park Bo-gum later explains the reason behind his surprise guest appearance and spills, “Kyung-pyo hyung cheered me on by sending coffee carts to my drama set. I really wanted to pay back, but I had trouble adjusting my schedule. I was wondering how I could make him feel touched, and when I searched his name, the special event with his fans was scheduled today. I saw that exactly 100 fans will be here, so I just came without telling my agency.” Whoa there! These two are just so cute, they had been exchanging coffee carts and other gifts even before. (We know now whose turn is it to give something like a coffee truck)

Park Bo-gum and Go Kyung-pyo have worked together on many projects before including movies like The Admiral: Roaring Currents and Chinatown; and dramas such as KBS’s Tomorrow Cantabile and tvN’s Reply 1988. Even though we don’t see them currently on the same screen, seeing how much their friendship grew through these years give us a sense of comfort and satisfaction. It is very amusing to realize that actors get support not only from their fans but also from their co-actors who eventually became part of their lives.

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