Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Kim Sang-kyung confirmed to star in office comedy ‘Miss Lee’

tvN’s upcoming office comedy Miss Lee will be headlined by Girl’s Day member Hyeri and actor Kim Sang-kyung.

Miss Lee tells the story of a woman named Lee Seon-shim who suddenly finds herself becoming the CEO of a company where she has been working as a manager. Director Han Dong-hwa, who led the production of Bad Guys: City of Evil and Squad 38, will be directing the series.

Hyeri (Two Cops, Reply 1988) will play the titular character. She has been working as a manager in a company called Cheongil Electronics. One day, she wakes up as the new CEO of the company. Somehow, her stint as a leader starts abruptly and causes her life to change in a drastic manner.

A previous report mentioned that Miss Lee is a drama about people enjoying an innovative workplace culture in which employees respect each other regardless of their positions. The seemingly “equal” treatment to all employees could be one of the reasons behind the main character’s climb from the middle manager position to the highest seat in the company.

According to Hyeri, she accepted the role because the script of the drama was something a lot of people could relate to. “It’s an honor for me to work with a lot of good seniors. I hope the audience can relate to the main characters of Miss Lee,” she added.

PD Han supported Hyeri’s statement that the drama is relatable, saying, “This [drama] is a realistic picture of our daily lives. I’ll do my best to capture the scenes in a way a lot of people can connect to.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sang-kyung (The Crowned Clown, What Happens To My Family) will portray another office worker named Yoo Jin-wook. He is a realist and is notorious for sucking the life out of his junior colleagues, earning him the nickname “human nectar.” He finds himself slowly switching to a new perspective in life after Miss Lee becomes the CEO and his mentor.

Miss Lee will premiere in September.

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