Cable network tvN’s third Saturday-Sunday drama, Revolutionary Love, sets itself apart from its predecessors with its pure rom-com genre without the fantasy element in Live Up To Your Name and the suspenseful scenes in Secret Forest. The latest teasers of the drama prove this difference as they feature a flying Kang So-ra (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho) and a dancing Choi Si-won (She Was Pretty) whose synergy produces hilarious moments.

A total of four videos were released by tvN yesterday on YouTube but three of these are just clips of the main teaser that is one minute long. It starts off with a serious Kang So-ra who is trying so hard to put the last material on top of the teapot-like figure she’s building out of food cans while the people around appear just as nervous upon witnessing the final step towards completion. She pulls it off and starts to flap her arms like wings as everyone claps in admiration. It is then shown that she’s on top of someone else’s shoulders. Choi Si-won, the guy providing her with the needed support, looks uncomfortable with her movements but still shows off his bright smile.

The first half of the teaser is set in a grocery store where Kang So-ra’s character, Baek Joon, is probably working. She is described as a hard-working woman who could not find a permanent full-time job despite being a college graduate, so she gets through the harsh realities of life by doing multiple part-time jobs that support herself. On one hand, Choi Si-won is playing chaebol heir Byun Hyuk who moves into Baek Joon’s neighborhood in the countryside, lives in a tiny apartment, and hides his identity as a CEO’s son. The second half of the teaser focuses on him, who is dressed like Michael Jackson while dancing on the street. The women in the background are swooning upon watching his every move. Later on, the cars sound their horns at him and Baek Joon is shown embarrassed of what he is doing. The video ends with him taking off his sunglasses and grinning.

Penned by writer Joo Hyun of Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi and directed by PD Song Hyun-wook of Oh Hae Young Again, Revolutionary Love will premiere on October 14.


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