Excerpt from "A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Love We Got from Korean Dramas"  


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September 17, 2017 5:37 pm  

My mother was the first person who introduced me to Korean dramas.
I was around eight years old when my mother told me to sit quietly beside her. “Eat well,” her hand tried to reach the spoon while her eyes were still wandering over television. I stared at a man on television, wondering how cold it was for him to be in a heavy snow all alone. My mother’s hand was still hanging, waiting for me to open my tiny mouth. Sometimes she would poke me if I refused to eat, and that was when our eyes met.
“Do you want to know who that man is?” She read my mind.
“Eat this first,” she scooped a spoonful of rice and a few pieces of carrots and beans. The carrots were kinda hard to chew, but my mother kept going on. “Don’t be too picky. Eat these carrots and you don’t have to wear glasses like that man,” she said.
I swallowed it with all my might. Then, she patted me on the head and said, “His name is Kang Joon-sang.”
I tilted my head.
“He lost his memory due to an accident. He forgets everything. His real name, his past...” she continued.
“Is that why he walks alone in a heavy snow? Because he can’t remember anything?”
My mother did not answer. Instead, she tried to scoop me another spoonful of rice and beans, and (more) carrots again. I closed my mouth.
“But he remembers his first love though,” she glared at me. This time, I did not dare to reject it anymore.
“How come?”
“Well,” her eyes are back on television. “Love doesn’t need any recall. You remember your love with your heart, not with your head.”

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